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what should i get now
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Old 20 Jul 2005, 05:21   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default what should i get now

well i have just recently added on to my tau army and am wondering what would be recommened by others. I currently have...
1 hammerhead (burst cannon, rail rifle)
2 devilfish
12 kroot
3 crisis suits. (2 fireknife, and 1 helios)
1 commander O'shovah
12 firewarriors
12 firewarriors
12 firewarriors
12 firewarriors
12 gun drones ( not possitive on this number, but i have over 10)

well thats what i got. i am leaning towards getting some stealths.
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Default Re: what should i get now

I Play mechtau, and IMO you have way to many FW's, but its obviously the style you play. If you want something fuen to play with, stealth suits are your best option(they also rid the table of light infantry with ease. If not, either Choose, some more kroot(and a shaper if you dont already have one) or a squad of pathfinders. (Maybe if you posted an army list it would help us determine what your army lacks.)


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Default Re: what should i get now

Looks good so far. You have a very capable force. I would personally shoot for a squad of stealth suits. I would only suggest using squads of 6, or maybe 5. 5 Allow you to take one casualty without forcing morale, but really they shouldn't be fired at too much anyways.

They are probably the best thing Tau has going for them, so make that a top priority!

I personally would also buy one broadside suit or so to give you more anti tank fire, but from what I remember they are similar in price ( $$$) to hammerheads so that could be an option too.

Originally Posted by Brother Edwin
Also note I have 6 lord level HQ's leading 10 scouts.
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Default Re: what should i get now

get some devil fish for your FW's
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Default Re: what should i get now

Id go for more HS, maning Broadsides or Hammerheads. You should make them modular so that you can switch the weapons, it shouldent be that hard. I pinned my crisis suits, and used a screw for the weapons on my HH.
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Default Re: what should i get now

Personally, Stealth, then broadsides and/or Hammerheads.

Regarding the above post:
Magnets on Crisis Suits (I don't do this, i just press fit the weapons into place after painting, they fit nicely)
Hammerhead to Devilfish - Modular Tanks
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Default Re: what should i get now

In order:

5-6 man stealth team (my next buy)
2 more crisis so that you will have 3 teams of 2 each
Another DF
Another HH
some BS (optional)


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