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Painting septs yes or no
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Default Painting septs yes or no

Has anyone considered or painted their sept badges in a way other than the black circle with white lines?

My army is blood red armor over dark gray uniforms with yellow eyes. I painted the sept badge a lighter color red rather than black in order to keep my theme clean.

Has anyone else used alternate sept badges?

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Default Re: Painting septs yes or no

Back when I started tau.. it was too hard for me to paint the lines for the symbols.. so I just painted the top part of the symbol with gold or boltgun metal, 'ui and 'la respectively. And its been that way to keep consistency until I can be bothered changing my paint scheme/fixing it all up.
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Default Re: Painting septs yes or no

I haven't added sept badges to my Crisis suits or the HH I just completed. I'm waiting for the new book to come out since rumor says it'll have some details on the septs. I'd like more information before I commit myself with the transfers. The black circle with white lines ties in pretty well with the color scheme I'm using, except for the fact that I normally have it reversed.

I use Shadow Grey for most of the cloth and padding parts of the FW with the armor done in Midnight Blue and a stripe of Chaos black on the helmet and backpack. For the shoulderguard symbol I leave the circle black and then the raised portions with Mithril Silver for regular troops and Shining Gold for squad leaders. Crisis suits have the accents placed on the antennae and my army commander has the entire top part of his head, that outer armor plating, done in the gold. I'll have to get soem pics up sometimes, but cameras cost money and mine's going into building the army. Only have about 1000 pts... and unfortunately, none of it Mechanized at this time.

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