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Okay guys, this is going to be uber cool. I've seen people start a few campaines in forums but it never seemed to show results on line. I now have a clever way to make a campain look really awesome. okay.

Read the rules carefully, and you'll find that this is like the coolest thing ever, and finally a good way to make use of kill teams. YOu also don't have to find another guy whoso doing the same campaing. It can be any one, as long as your the kill team
First the background fluff.


I know this may never get anywhere but me and my men need help. I am requesting Imperial aid in the Damocles sector! Something really terrifying is going on down here. I had no idea tau could be so brutal...
My frieghter ships were damaged on landing at the edge of the Damocles sector, near tau space. I encountered a hugely large force of at least 100 cadres, lead by, supriseingly, Only one etherial. I went into negotiatons with him to get my ships working but it seems he encountered the same problems. He was in a worse condition then I was though...there had been at least 20 etherials with this force. He was the last surviver of a series of mysterious dissapearences.
Seeing that I could get no help from him I started off into the night to get myself back to our crash site. Then about half way into our 10 mile journey, I heard a disturbance behind me, and my 20 man escort. We ran back a bit to see what was happening. I found the etherial drenched in blood... he was still alive, but barely.
He got up and reached out to me, but out of the shadows came assasins of some sort. he was torn to shreds. To my horror, I found those assasins to be firewarriors. I had no idea that tau could even kill etherial before killing themselves, but there they were... 4 of them. the tau assasins looke possesed... they dropped there rifles, took out ther knifes and charged us. I had no idea that could- just- I can't... a twenty man escort, reduced to 2, by 4 firewarriors!! They could not have possibly been so skilled! they did it with knifes alone. They were vicious, worse than animals...
By the time I got back to my crash site, most of my crew had been slaughtered by the animal tau.
Me and a small force of men are now hiding in the mountains were it snows prepetually. I know the imperium will be intrested in this. I only hope you Imperials will be intrested enough to come and get me...


Four days before The Imperium recieved this message, tau escorts on the rim picked it up. The tau were just as horrified and the etherials knew that if the rebel cadres weren't destroyed, then this etherial killing pidemic could spread, and the Tau'Va would be lost... THey had to act quickly though, and they had not enough forces in the area to find them before the escaped into the mj0or enclave worlds.
And So the most brillint leaders of the fire caste and etherial cast came to gether, and split most of the local fforce into kill teams, inwhich to first find the rebel cadres, then stradn them by hitting there ships or killing there leaders, so the tau could bring in reinforcements.
ON the fire caste world of Hoth Prime 100 kill teans were realeased into enclave space...
At the same time, the Enclave made its first move into helping the rebel cadres. Hoth prime was completely destoryed... for the first time in tua history, the enclave had attacked and destroyed a tau strnghold. Fortunatly, the kill teams were long gone...

An eldar craft world in near the sector was passing through. THe eldar are usualy very found of the fledgling and agreed to help teh tau destroy the rebels and dispacted there own kill teams

The Imperium sent out its own kill teams as well, to make sure the reble tau didn't make it into Imperial space. Four tau killing twenty men with only small knifes scared the imperium inot reacting...

GAME ARE PLAYED WITH KILL TEAMS AGAINST ANY BODY ELSE YOU WANT. the other "bad guy" doe snot even have to particpate in the caimpain. He doesn't even have to know

I0 Y H G S D T U0
I2 I4 F U3 U2
I3 U4
P I 2
B 4 5
K1 C 4
K0 K2 K4 R E
K3 T
K5 K6 Q X
5 P 4 7
3 L V
0 A M O N C 9
V4 V5 T6 T5
V2 T7 T4 T3 T2
V0 V1 T1 T0
this is a map of the edge of democles space, where the stars are the most packed. Each simble represents a star system which one of the ten rebel force might be on, since sensors detect forces of some kind. It doesn't have to be the cadres though! you will many times stumble upon world with mercenary hostles, hired by the enclaves to slow the kill teams down

- The 100 rebel cadres are seperated into 10 forces which are hiddin in the start sytem map.

-Tau kill teams start in the T section
-Eldar in the U section
-Imperium in the I section
-all other races in the V section

you can choose which star sytem to start oin by either simply starting at the zero section of your section(for example T0). If you want to start in Another place role a D6 and start were the number on the die says. If the number on the die is higher than any number in your section than you simply start at zero

-you may note that certain races have better positioning chances due to the fact that they have more stars in there section. That represents the foot hold that the race already has in that section.

2. Objectives
-The tau want to find the cadres. It takes five kill team wins to succefully strand one of the rebel forces. once this is done you may just as well count 1 less cadre for the running... and one more point for the ANTI-REBEL side. once a cadre is stranded, and enclave team cannot help it any more.

-Eldar has the same objective as tau, but they also have a draw back. If the enclave teams score 15 wins at U0 (the craftworld is supposedly in that system) then all kill teams must withdraw back to U0 (to defend) and start all over agian from there. The offending eclave teams also with draw to a place of choice in there Space section.

-The imperium wants to strand the rebels as well, in the same way the eldar and tau do it. They have to same draw back as the eldar with there section as they must defend the imperium.

-THe Farsight enlcave kill teams, once they find the scattered rebel tau, can help scout out and escort them to one of the two enclave planets were transport and escape await them. They do this also by winning three times with a kill team. THen they may take the enclave with them, as and make a MOVEMENT(this will be explained later). Once they bring the cadre to the escape world the may count plus ONE MORE POINT FOR THE ENCLAVE SIDE.

-Any other kill team races start may start in the unclaimed soace section and work like a tau or eldar kill team in an atempt to strand a cadre or act like an eclvae kill team and support the rebel tau.

movements are done like so. once you make the to move to another system, you Personal message me, telling me where you want to go. your options are North South East West.

the movement requiments are as follows.
-in order to move in your own section space, you only need to win one kill team battle
-in any other space it takes two.
-moveing from your space to outside it takes two wins.

After you have met the requements, you PM me (Remeber to PM me after each win so I can tell when you can get off planet and move) and you say North South East West.
Take this for example.

If you have just made two wins on the syst4em identified as U, you may move.
North-you would move to R
SOuth- you would move to T
West- despite the fact that E is more directly west it is to far and you must always assume that you will you will end up at the closest sytem in that general direction. You would go t C instead.
East- you would go to R.


-Keep in mind this won't be too horribly accurate, but remember your searching planets so it won't be that bad if you don't get exactly where want to go. You might stumble across something good.
NOTE: I have set randomly, minpor artifacts that let you break one rule of your choice in your kill team if you go to a system were there is one. you'll have to find these cause it won't be marked on the map. When I say one rule, I mean like the "golden RUle" specified in the rule book.
4.Victory points
-Your either for the Enclave or for the Tau Empire.
-For every cadre stranded its one point for the tau.
-For every cadre led to the escape points, its two points. Who ever has the most points when all have been save or elimenated wins.

F- green means there is a kill team or kill teams on this world that supports the tau Empire
F- Yellow means theres is one or more anti-rebel kill teams on a planet where there is a rebel cadre recently found
F- Pink means a cadre has been stranded and no enclave supporting kill team can escort it for victory points

F-Orange means there is one or more enclave sideing kill teams on this planetary system.
F-Red means an enclave supporting unit or units has found a rebel cadre and is taking it to an escape point.
F-Brown means that an enclave team has moved a cadre here once but is not there any more.

F- This is an escape point. once a cadre get there, its two points for Farsite.

Note: if there are more kill teams on the planet then it still take six wins, PUT TOGETHER. Meaing
If there are three tau Empire kill teams on a planet, they only need to win two each to strand the cadre.

Also If you find the rogue trader Cyrus, your team, farsite or Anti-rebel, gets two points

- Kill teams are very resorful and both the tau and the Enclave have hired mercanaries in this crisis. The mercenaries have set up strongholds in all the marked planets. They have been set there to slow enemy kill team movements. A kill team can help their own mercanaries defenses and vonerabilities, so it makes it harder for an enemy kill team to strand a cadre or even get of planet. *Yes it counts for getting off planet too*
-If two opposing kill teams are on the same planet then it takes double for both of them to make there objective. so if there was one kill team of each side on a rebel cadre planet then it would take eight wins to move the cadre and ten to kill it. however if it was 2 to one kill teams in the anti-rebels faovr then it would take 12 wins to move it, and still only 12 wins to strand it.

-If it was the other way around and there was two enclave teams and one tau team it would take eighteen wins and only 8 wins to move it.

NOTE:The more kill teams in a place were a cadre is the better since wins are communlative and add up like that. I will tell you in a PM how many friendly and unfreindly kill team are there

6. Campagn moves.
-In order to do something you must PM me every battle, one or lost with a brief two the three sentence report, what race you are, who your working for (Empire or Enclave), and if you can (I will know when you've made the requirments) where you want to move.

-I will PM you back informing of where you are ( will give you the system letter of number), and I will update the map. I will tell you if you've found an artifact (those allow you to use the golden rule option once) or if you've found a rebel cadre and stuff like that.

-You are allowed two games a day.
-I will Keep track of everyone (with help of course) and put it on the map updated for you guys to see your progress.

- if you want to enter, just do your starting positions thing described in the rules above, tell me where you ended up, AND TELL ME YOUR KILL TEAM LIST in a personal message to me. I'll PM back just so you know your in and so you can make your first move


Tau- 100 kill teams
Imperium- 45 kill teams
Eldar- 45 kill teams
Enclave- 50 kill teams
Other forces starting in the V sector- 40 kill teams

For every loss you report in, and you MUST report losses!!!!! yes losses are to be reported to me too. For every loss Minus one kill team is taken from your race. Although losses don't coun't anything for you indivudually, and you may keep on fighting on a planet with the same kill team after a loss, you get minus one on your race kill teams counter. If the counter goes to zero, all kill teams of your kind are gone. So if the Eldar counter goes to zero, then no more eldar kill teams can participate in the campain until the next caimpaing start (yes I plan to do more of these)

Okay, if any one sees and problem with the rules then feel free to to tell me and i'll change whats wrong.

go ahead and start as soon as you know how it works.

If your confused PM me about what your confused about and I'll help clarify

Post what you think of this two, if you think its good or bad or too comlicated as I fear it might be...

I will keep you up to date in posts with the map and I will in words sight any new developments
One last thing


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I0 Y H G S D T U0
I2 I4 F U3 U2
I3 U4
P I 2
B 4 5
K1 C 6
K0 K2 K4 R E
K3 T
K5 K6 Q X
5 P 4 7
3 L V
0 A M O N C 9
V4 V5 T6 T5
V2 T7 T4 T3 T2
V0 V1 T1 T0
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