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What are the guidelines for a fluff consistent tau army?
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Default What are the guidelines for a fluff consistent tau army?

This is a general discussion question.

What ratios and numbers make a good all around composition as one appraoches 2000 points (1850 is what is commonly played in my area), what fits the ideal rather than function optimally against cheese or produce certain victory.

Its not like we are a chaos cult army with units and unit sizes in our god's number or posess specialized chapters so, what distinguishes acceptable and excessive when filling out our force org charts and point spending proportions?

Obviously we have an idea of fluffy tactics from the code, not setting out to snackrifice groups of our own men for instance and not holding positions but rather focusing on the elimination of the enemy.

I guess what I am looking for is the opposite of metagaming to find a 'pure' foundation to build tactics on.
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Default Re: What are the guidelines for a fluff consistent tau army?

Firslty, you need a shas'el, for the simple reason all cadres are lead by shas'els.

Next, a good smattering of troops, and allied kroot. Considering their mobility, devilfish would be good.
Next, the tau speciality: heavy weapons- fill all 3 slots with hammerheads, and broadsides.
A squad of pathfinders is pretty fluffy, considering these are the fuys who call in the cadre to strike.
A crisis suit squad, and possilby stealthsuit squad also balances it out.

And you have a fair, and balanced 2000 pointer!
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Default Re: What are the guidelines for a fluff consistent tau army?

A good rule of thumb is to spend about 40-60% of your points on troops.

My Harlequin list, for example, has 923pts spent on Troops, out of 1850. That's 49.89% of my points on troops, which is about right.

This not only gives you a good solid base of infantry, but it's really hard to call an army with 50+ Firewarriors cheezy...
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: What are the guidelines for a fluff consistent tau army?

Regarding just composition etc, I read somewhere that there should be at least 40% of the points spent on troops, and no more than 25% spent on any other one type (elites, hq, fast attack, heavy etc). Can't remember if this was part of it, or I just made it up, but something about no more than 10% spent on HQ.

Fluffwise- there shouldn't be many suits overall (including broadsides!), as these are generally pretty rare.. as a result, there'll be a lot of fire warriors/kroot etc.. the same goes for hammerheads, there probably won't be many of them around.. so basically overall, the army isn't really specialised, rather, relying on numbers of fire warriors and support from other units..
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Default Re: What are the guidelines for a fluff consistent tau army?

Okay, first of all, the absence or presence of auxiliaries does not make the list fluffy or unfluffy. Saying that a fluffy list will include kroot is like saying a fluffy list will include humans. I would say, however, that it might look odd to have more than one type of auxiliaries on the board. Would kroot and humans get along? Would the same cadre employ both races? Seems unlikely.

As for ratios, 40% is the accepted minimum for troops. Other types are a little more flexible, but I'd set the upper limit for any type other than troops at 15-20%.

To say 10% max for HQ is unrealistic for many armies. For Space Marines, for example, that would prevent you from having anything more than the character himself below 2000 points. 15% is more realistic. at 2000 points, that would be 300 points. For tau, that's a huge amount, but for marines? That will buy one character with command squad and maybe a rhino or razorback. Or two characters with smallish command squads. ssomething like that.

I would definitely say that you should represent all unit types at 1500 points and above. A 2000 points, 3 hammerheads stretches the % cap on heavies just slightly, but not enough to complain about.

at 1850-2000, I'd say 300-350 points worth of heavies, 200-300 points of fast attack (one full pathfinder team or a short one plus some drones?), 200-300 points of elites (full squad of XV15s and 1-2 monats? 3 XV15s and a full crisis team?), for HQ, definitely a shas'o at this level, an aun would be fluffy, but not necessary. Maybe some bodyguards for the 'o? Anyway, fill the rest with troops, at least some of them with fish to move them around.

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Default Re: What are the guidelines for a fluff consistent tau army?

Originally Posted by march10k
Would the same cadre employ both races?* Seems unlikely.
Why would this be unlikely? The Tau rely on their allies for a number of duties, and everyone is working for the Greater good, so why not?

** My reply might have something to do with the fact that I field both in my army** ;D
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Default Re: What are the guidelines for a fluff consistent tau army?

i personally believe that True Tau Cadres would include Kroot as a no-brainer.... (commander farsight is in 'exile' and cannot use them, nor gun drones, By Fluff example).. but thats just the beginning

avoiding statistical numbers, and Powergaming, im gonna go by 'feel':

-Fire warriors SHOULD have 2 gun drones assigned to them(even though the 4th ed rules make them senseless)
-im gonna go on a limb here, but every unit, from Pathfinders to Broadsides, should have Drones.
-Kroot should be there to hunt/bait/harrass enemys (remember a battle is a HUNT to the Tau.. Think FoxHounds)
-Crisis Suits (with drone escorts for EACH suit, IMO) should be in reserve, truly to handle Crisees as they emerge
- Kroot should have Shaper, Hounds, AND Krootox (even though they make no sense.. who knows, maybe no ones ever GOT the sense of them)
-Stealth suits should be a minor part of your force (which is a shame)
-Ethereals should be in big Forces
-Markerlight Synergy should be used at every opportunity
- Pulse Carbines should be used in number with their intent to pin things for the Mont'Ka (below)
-TRULY embrace the Kauyon and Mont'Ka Principles.. where Kauyon is long range fusilade of heavy firepower, Firelane superiority, and 'herding' of incoming forces, with positions to adapt/adjust to problems BEFORE they become Crisisees (dangit ive no idea how to spell plural Crisis!!).. and the Mont'Ka is the lethal POUNCE to do a quick finish-off (of whole army, but most likely of specific unit).. but be carefull, the timing MUST be RIGHT and on YOUR initiative..

to do these things, and also paint everything in simple clean CLEAN style... you can truly embrace the tau(pronounced 'Dao&#39 of playing.. er... um... Tau. :P

This, above, is MY clear view of Tau, but im open to other interpretations.. heck, i may even change my view.. but i think i got it right.. and as a side note.. facing anyone on opposite long sides of a 4x6 table is very VERY un-Tau.... no WAY they get that close before the action begins.... too bad there arent many 6x6 tables around... :'(
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Default Re: What are the guidelines for a fluff consistent tau army?

Look in the Codex under Septs, and choose a Sept first; then follow any guidelines for composistion on modelling based on them. For example, my army is a Dal'yth cadre (a cosmopolitan sept very tolerant of out-worlders), and as such employs a smattering of humans and kroot (and would field more were they available). Perhaps a Sa'cea cadre (many veteran soldiers) would have a very battlesuit-heavy army and D'yanoi (rustic, isolated) would have more basic troops and no rail rifles or other "new" technology. Obviously a cadre based on or near Pech would have at least three full kroot squads, and almost no points in Fast Attack, as maxing out Kroot Hounds still leaves you with less than 150 points. I don't think there's a hard-and-fast rule. All the fluff I've read tend to suggest Tau cadres vary greatly by temprament of the leader, although I'm no expert here.

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Default Re: What are the guidelines for a fluff consistent tau army?

Originally Posted by RCanine
All the fluff I've read tend to suggest Tau cadres vary greatly by temprament of the leader, although I'm no expert here.
That is correct, Friend RCanine. the Hunter Cadre composition vary greatly, depending on the school of war in which the Shas'el or Shas'o has chose to adopt to Hunt. (Mont'ka Cadres are generally Mech Tau, whereas Kauyon are actually Hybrid armies which use their mobile units to become the "lure").
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Default Re: What are the guidelines for a fluff consistent tau army?

Thanks alot for all of the responses yo've given tons to think about, new ways to judge unit choices and point propotions. I was wondering if anyone had access to the icons used for the lesser tau septs? I looked at the test in wargamer's link. How many people think it is non-fluffy to have more support force org slots than troop org slots in a tau force?
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