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quick help vs crimson fist
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Default quick help vs crimson fist

This army is unknown to me. What can I expect round 400-500 points besides SM?

oh and red powerfists?

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Default Re: quick help vs crimson fist

Crimson Fists don't have any non-standard Codex rules they can employ. At best they can use the Design Your Own Chapter rules and theme their army to a certain style of warfare. But in 500 points, I wouldn't expect him going too much on the deep end.

I'd expect a 2 wound Independent character. (More than likely a Chaplain with the free Invulnerable Save and Power weapon)

Roughly 1 - 2 tactical squads. Depending on whether he'll stay n'shoot or rush you with Rhinos will depend on his fighting style. If he's playing shooty, he may try to skim points and field scout squads.

But most players either field them all the time or completely avoid them. If he fields Scouts, they'll more than likely be snipers. He won't pass up the chance of pinning your crisis suits (if you field any)

If he rolls with Rhinos or large squads of Marines (w/Vets) he won't have many points if any at this juncture. If he fields smaller and inexpensive squads, he may try to sneak a Dreadnought or a LandSpeeder or two in there, but I doubt it. Fieldling Tanks, Bikes, and other forms of elite and fast attacks would just be silly.

If you know what he owns in terms of models, this will easily help you single out his choices.

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