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A new sence of tau power.
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Old 13 Jul 2005, 01:31   #1 (permalink)
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Default A new sence of tau power.

i was thinking about tau pulse rifles and why they are as strong as they are. the codex describes them as semi plasma biased, not firing plasma but a round that gets to around that point. now the space marines bolter uses a large round that detonates, and its only a STR:4. so whats less powerful than that? a normal bullet of course, and not saying in game terms a modern weapon would be like STR: 3 or something it would be even less. A lasgun compared to a modern weapon to me is infact more powerful, why? the lasgun, which im sure is short for lasergun (even though i have never read the Imp. guard codex ) uses a laser as its means of dealing dmg, i would like to think that it uses a high powered beam shot in short burst. now there should be a good reason they are using lasguns, its the year 40,000 and something and this should be advanced technology, I.E. more powerful weapon systems that we have now, so this laser should either be just as powerful or dare i say the lasgun is more powerful than modern day weapons. really it all depends on beam strength, beam focusing, and duration. a las cannon has a AP of 2 as its a STRONG laser and vary large and would it hit a human, that human would be in peaces. a laser in effect burns its say through objects, the lasgun has a powerful beam, long duration, and/or a combination of both to get the same if not more power as a modern weapon. and this is not enough to take down an ork... while a pulse rifle is nearly twice as powerful than a lasgun and can rip apart vypers and rear armor of tanks and when you look at it the pulse rifle is the least powerful weapon the tau use (that we know of) and i cant begin to think about how powerful a railgun is... able to light the air on fire from friction of the round it fires... and able to blow apart a tank in one hit....

go ahead and correct me if im wrong about anything cus im sute you will anyway... and remember that some of this are my opinions and this is not an atempt to attack you and your ideals... and for anyone who does not plan to try and make a little snipe at this sorry i have to deal with rednecks all day long... that when somthing new some into there little world they must destroy it if infact they dont understand it.
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Default Re: A new sence of tau power.

What's with the hostility? If anyone is compelled to snipe anything, it would be that disclaimer.

Still, I *do* agree with you about the power of WH40K weaponry in relation to modern day weaponry. From what I understand, the bolter is supposed to fire a .75 cal (!) HE bullet, at the rate of an assault rifle. Marines are the only ones who can sanely use such a weapon, as the recoil must be horrendous.

Who knows about las-guns though. Maybe they aren't so much more powerful as easier to mass-produce? Forge-worlds are probably teeming with the infrastructure to make these things, and the materials at hand might make them easier to produce. The mortality rate of a las-gun against an unarmored regular trooper is still very impressive, and the very nature of the technology makes it surpass real-world small-arms. Just hope that nobody shows up with "Mirror Tau"

On another token, however, the Kroot Rifle is a "Basic slug-thrower, relying on chemical propellant and the transfer of kinetic energy". And thanks to Tau supplied amunition, they compete with Bolters, power wise.

Who knows. Maybe las-guns and modern assault rifles are on par with eachother. It's just that the Las Gun is probably a lot more reliable of a weapon, and cheaper to field.

But yes. The concept of a Pulse Rifle is freaking SCARY. Supprisingly, I wonder why Shurriken technology isn't stronger than it is. Mono-molecular disks at super-sonic speeds? Hundreds of rounds per second, with the potential of *hours* of non-stop fire before needing a re-load? Virtually no recoil?

Hell, the way GW describes it, Shurriken Catapults should be:

Range 12'', STR 3, AP 2, Assault 6
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Default Re: A new sence of tau power.

i feel alittle embaresed, i never thought to take into acount the time to takes to build each weapon... anyway about the eldar weaponry i agree, i would think that the weapon or the rounds themselves would have a vary low AP rating as they are razer sharp disks but considering the size they would have low STR... its up to the GW guys.

on the subject of the kroof getting an "upgrade" to there wepaonry after they joined the empire, do you think it would be to much of a streach to say that when Gue'vesa become more inergrated into the empire that they would also get new tech? like the use of devilfish or the ablitly to command troops on some scall?
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Default Re: A new sence of tau power.

while in rules terms the lowly lasgun may seem laughable do not under any circumstances underestimate it. One of my friends this week lost 5 GK terminatorsin one shooting phasethe shame these 'epileptic T's' must feel...

but you are right by the way a lasgun higly out-classes todays firearms, able to hit with the force of a shotgun shell the las bolt enters the flesh, instantly cauterises the wound and cooks the insides at the point of impact. This is why even the basic guardsman wears flak armour designed to dissipate the heat and kinetic energy of incoming fire, a sort of advanced bulletproof vest.
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Default Re: A new sence of tau power.

Heh, 4 flashlights took out two death company in the shooting phase last week. ;D
Originally Posted by Brother Edwin
Also note I have 6 lord level HQ's leading 10 scouts.
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Default Re: A new sence of tau power.

The lasgun has been described as being the "AK-47 of the 41st millenium". It's easy to manufacture and maintainance, has godawful shot power, but can go to a deathworld and back just fine. I don't know much of the lasgun fluff, but what I do remember lends itself to the idea of a short-duration, hyper-heated beam, capable of heating a human skull till it explodes.

Boltguns are just plain incredible for projectile weapons; they can keep up intense rates of fire while pumping out .75 cal, self-guiding explosive rounds. The fact that Tau Carapace armour is lightweight and does not hamper movement greatly but can shrug off such power is a testament to their resilient matterials.

Pulse weapons, if you look at Shas'El/'O Tael's website, are possible with technology that can be grasped today. They are a combination of sci-fi's plasma weapons and particle accelerators.

Railguns, or linear acceleration weapons, are feasable today and offer incredible amounts of power. While a modern rocket launcher has a muzzle velocity of 300-400 meters per second, railguns in current existance can exceed 10,000 mps in muzzle speed!(!!!!!!!!!!!) I've seen videos of a 3-foot long basement model firing a 450 (yes, 450, not .450) caliber slug through inch-thick wood like it was butter.

My only gripe about what has been said on the topic of shuriken weapons is that IIRC a shuriken catapaults clip can discharge "ten or more" 1-2 second bursts, not hours of endless fire.
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Default Re: A new sence of tau power.

Autoguns, the often-overlooked solid slug cousin of the lasgun, are the closest equivalent to modern weaponry. One thing negative about lasguns, though, is that they would be self-cauterizing. Any wounds they cause are instantly burned shut, helping to prevent infection and mortification. That may effect their strength. Bolters are essentially rapid-fire Rocket-propelled grenade launchers. The fact that Pulse Rifles are strength 5 is really staggering in perspective.
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Default Re: A new sence of tau power.

With regards to Shuriken tech, the fluff contradicts itself there. Going to the principle of the design, it shaves off monomolecular sheets for firing. with a dense firing core the size of an orange, that *would* mean hours of fire.

But, okay. Even given their ammo estimate, their weapons should still have a lethality that the game doesn't model very well.

I understand the need for game balance though. The Eldar are fantastic shots as it is.
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Default Re: A new sence of tau power.

The lasgun, standard issue weapon of the Guardsman. Duct tape a laser pointer onto it, and it becomes twin-linked. But based on the point spread of a guardsman army, the Lasgun should be the one of most terrified weapons in 40k infantry! I think its 4pts for a Guardsman with a Lasgun, 2 for a Conscript, correct? Say you had 12 Fire warriors, no Shas' Ui, A Guardsman army can have 30 Guardsmen for every 12 Fire warriors you field, or 60 Conscripts. Even if Guardsmen hit on a 5+ (I believe) 60 shots is more than enough to hit at least 12-13 times. Then wound about 6-7 times. Our shots in return would be something more like 6 hits, 4 wounds. Say They lose all 4 Conscripts, pffft, theyre a dime a dosen. Say we fail 2 Armor saves, those 4 guardsmen still killed their points worth and more! And even then (Oh god) what if the Guardsmen get lucky?, And Hit more than normal? What if our shooting $uck$? And we only hit a few times? Our squad is going to be dead before It can kill 60 wounds, sorry, thats how it is.
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Default Re: A new sence of tau power.

Originally Posted by Yawgmoth1111
Range 12'', STR 3, AP 2, Assault 6
They are in Inquisitor...

As for Pulse Rifles, they're only Str 5 in 40K to make the Tau different. In Inquisitor, the Bolter is better, simply because it has more low-end damage (eg: the worst hit with a bolter is 6pts of damage, best is 24. Worst hit with a Pulse weapon is 3, best is 24.).
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