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Tau Forgeworld Models!!
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Default Tau Forgeworld Models!!

Does anyone know where to get rules for the Tau Forgeworld vehicles (bar the Tetra and the Piranha). I know you can get them from the Imperial Update 2004 book, but i really dont want to import a book from Engalnd!! Does anyone know were you can get them from?? Please, ive been looking for them for months and cant find them [glow=red,2,300]anywhere[/glow]?!?!? ???

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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld Models!!

Well, the only ways I can think of are to borrow someone else's book, or by some non-legal means. I do not condone or reccomend doing anything illegal.
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld Models!!

Tetra and Piranha rules are not in any book they are on forgeworld website. Here:

But they will soon get out in a book - IA volume 3: Taros campaign, so after that they will be removed from their web.
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld Models!!

if you want the rules (and you want to have them were you can look at them to chek) something before they're off the site and in the book, i suggest that you just print them out. i did that when i bought Shas'o r'mre or what ever his name is and it relly comes in handy
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld Models!!


Edit by RJay: What you said is illegal so should not under any circumstances be discussed here, that's the rules, furthermore I suggest you read the rules again as you clearly don't know them( or else your being so ignorant to believe no one will have noticed).
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld Models!!

As far as I am aware the books are only available to purchase through the Forgeworld website, so you have little choice in ordering. That is unless you don't have an independent hobby store nearby which just maybe might have them (though rather unlikely).
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Default Re: Tau Forgeworld Models!!

The rules are only available from Forgeworld. That means their books - some things in the update, and the rest in IAV3. Other than that, maybe a few trial rules off their site, you won't be finding their rules anywhere else.
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