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Is Bonding worth it?
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Old 07 Jul 2005, 04:15   #1 (permalink)
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Default Is Bonding worth it?

Hi Im Pyromaniac88 and I'm new to the site.

I want to ask if bonding is worth it, as the tau's fire warrior initative is only a 2, which means they're going to get caught half the time.

Well, thanks for listening to what i have to say. Bye ppl.
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Default Re: Is Bonding worth it?

Honestly, what on Earth does Initiative have to do with Bonding? Bonding is worth the points generally, it allows more survivability from squads running off the board.
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Old 07 Jul 2005, 04:52   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Is Bonding worth it?

Bonding lets you regroup when below half. It has nothing to do with intiative.
To answer your question:

It's normally not worth it.

Bonding firewarriors doesn't pay off because they're normally near the board edge and will thus run off the board edge before they get a chance to regroup.

Stealth suits and Crisis have such small squad sizes that unless they're at eitehr 2 or 1, it's again useless.

Pathfinders have the devilfish they can jump into if things get bad, and again, when they're down to 3 they're not particularly worthwhile.

Use the points elsewhere, such as buying more Firewarriors
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Default Re: Is Bonding worth it?

Originally Posted by TeriGirl

Bonding firewarriors doesn't pay off because they're normally near the board edge and will thus run off the board edge before they get a chance to regroup.
If you play mobile teams, the same thing applies. By the time bonding kicks in, the unit will often have either wandered away from its transport or else forced the Devilfish into a poor field position in order to pick them up. They aren't a scoring unit anymore. so their primary role has already been failed at that point.
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Old 07 Jul 2005, 06:33   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Is Bonding worth it?

Well, I find it terribly useful. One particular Fire Warrior squad broke twice and rallied. Both times coming back to dish out the pain in revenge. Without it ? I would have lost the eight necrons they accounted for. (doesn't sound many, its more how many times they put them down until they didnt get back up).

I find it adds some serious durability to a squad if they have quite a walk before leaving the board edge.

I have a good habit of making my morale checks, heck, even pulled off a four drone morale check twice in a row (Ld4) in a out numbered combat. It would drive me nuts to have a bunch of firewarriors walk off the board without a chance to haul them up.
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Default Re: Is Bonding worth it?

Those are rare cases though. 9 times out of 10, bonding isn't worth it: You're paying 10 pts for a poor man's version of ATSKNF (give me that for 10 pts and I'd take it) to try and rescue mangled squads. Your points would be better spent buying the shas'ui first to improve the squad's morale and then an ethereal to give you a reroll - you can't break if you don't fail the morale test. :P

It would be best to do a search of the archives b/c this topic has been done to death several times in the past year.
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Default Re: Is Bonding worth it?

I don't think bonding is ever worth it.

Maybe on stealth suits but everything else should either be cheap enough to ignore if they break and run, hiding (sup crisis suits) or defaulting back to IC status when their retinue or wargear dies (HQ's).

Broadsides are typically on the edge of the board so if they break and run you lose them anyways. I would personally consider bonding pathfinders, because they carry the ever important markerlights and they represent a huge point investment to get them (with the transport).

Originally Posted by Brother Edwin
Also note I have 6 lord level HQ's leading 10 scouts.
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Old 07 Jul 2005, 08:46   #8 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Is Bonding worth it?

I'm going to give bonding a try in my lunchtime game today. I've never used it before, but I want to try it with a carbine heavy squad that acts as a mobile picquet ahead of the main force.
I've been caught out by infiltrated chaos marines too often, and with regular FWs I either have the choice of fall back without firing a shot, until support arrives, or hope that 1 turn of rapid fire kills the threat,(usually not).
I'm hoping that a carbine squad can fall back steadily, out of the marines rapid fire range, but keep shooting them up, forcing pinning checks as they move back, until a support unit, be it suit or mobile squad (of which I have few) can join the fray.

I'm not bothered about this squad being a scoring unit, but I want them to stick around. Casualties will be taken from the pulse rifle toters first- man I wish I could take an all carbine squad :-\

This isn't tactical advice btw, I don't know how well it will work, but I'm going to give it a try.
I know Stealths would perform this kind of service, but at a cost.
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Default Re: Is Bonding worth it?


Here are a couple of relevant threads that I found from Searching:

(Bonding Worth It?) http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=5908.0
(Bonded) http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=7342.0
(Bonded) http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=5620.0
(Morale & Bonding) http://www-personal.engin.umich.edu/...bj/morale.html

Now me, personally, I used to love bonding because once in a while, it worked out and I thought to myself, "Man, that's just a great ability!" Though honestly, it never changed much in the game that wasn't already going to be a chance. Now, there's nothing wrong with chance, however, when I think of 4 or 5 squads that are bonded, I think of those points, and how it would be better in general if those points were an Ethereal, which would help with much more than what bonding does.

Really though, bonding is a taste. I think if you bond something, you should bond something with long range weapons that can fire after a re-group test. That already narrows it down big time. Bonding saves more models in the larger squads, so it would seem that a large squad of Fire Warriors would benefit most from bonding. But we're only talking about 5 Fire Warriors down to the last Fire Warrior, from a squad of 12. So really, you won't see that situation as often, as say, a squad of 8 Fire Warriors, where bonding will start on the 3rd fire warriors to the last. Large squads seem like the ones bonding would save more often, and perhaps they do when luck is on your side, keeping a squad of 5 and under fire warriors from a squad of 12 around long enough to cause a little more damage (if they can reach something). But smaller squads would make more use of bonding because they're more likely to have their numbers reduced more quickly to the specific sizes that would call for bonding to become active (useable) as well as the failed moral to trigger it starting.

A squad of missile pod crisis suits could be bonded, but why? By the time you take enough casualty, you'll be taking last man standing tests pretty much (not always though). For Stealthsuits, you'll only be able to use bonding at the 2 man mark in a squad of 6. Then it's last man standing on the final model. That's not worth it at all. A squad of Pathfinders may be useful if bonded, but really, an 8 man team with the 3rd member starting with bonding only has 2 models using bonding before the last man standing tests commence.

In the end - it's just better if you don't fail moral in the first place.

Now, times that bonding are nice, are times when you're close to the enemy already, totally butchered to the point that you lost enough models to be below half strength, in order to trigger bonding, and close enough to the enemy to be able to rapid fire at the 12 inch range after re-grouping (on Ld7 or less probably). These times are when you broke away from close combat or an extremely close range fire fight. In this kind of close range action, yes, bonding is a good deal, because every shot counts in that situation when you're up close, and pulse rifles are just awesome in close range.

It's the long range game that bonding isn't worth it in.

So, in the end, it comes down to you. Do you find yourself always up close and personal and in a situation where a below 50% squad of tau are running off from a perfectly good fight at the 12~18 inch range? Then try out bonding on a few squads. However, if you find you're usually around 24~30 inches away from your enemy when you realise bonding would start to trigger, well, bonding wouldn't do much since not much is going to happen if you're too far away from the enemy; or if your bonded unit is such a small starting unit size that you're already on last man standing tests before you even see bonding start.

Up close & personal Fire Warrior action, such as drop attacks from a Devilfish - Bonding may be helpful.
But Fire Warriors, stationary off in the back lines of your army - Not really that useful.
And in the end, bonding only is really useful on Fire Warriors, as most everything else has a unit size that is just too small where you have to bank on a single model or two, for bonding and in the end, it could have been more models, which is more useful.

Try it out for yourself and see how it works for you. Some people love bonding and swear by it, that it saved enough games to warrant the cost. Others don't care for bonding at all, and just focus on passing moral in the first place; or just take so many models that they don't mind. It's all about your style.

Good luck to you and Cheers!
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Default Re: Is Bonding worth it?

Theres a point, all my bonded squads see close in action, so when they fall back, the survivors are still in range to turn about and dish it back. Didnt think to mention that.
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