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Searching for Inspiration
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Default Searching for Inspiration

My friend is ordering some minis and I am going to add on. The only problem is, I cannot pick what to get.

I don't have Piranhas, Pathfinders, Kroot (misplaced them) or Vespids. I like the idea of Kroot, but the idea of having a melee-ish unit in a Tau army is really weird to me. It sounds like a lot of ppl use them, but I am simply very Kroot-shy.

I guess the real question is, I am not sure which way to go. I was wondering, any stories of ppl who were not sold on Kroot until they picked them up and started playing with them? I like the idea of using Kroot to break up enemy lines so I can focus fire on other groups, but I fear they are simply too fragile. Any comments would be nice.
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Default Re: Searching for Inspiration


I hated kroot (still do), but, unfortunately, they are tactically important to a Tau army. Especially if you play in a more static fashion (not static tau, but if you prefer shooting from one place if at all possible), kroot work excellently as part of a bastion defence and as a general speedbump. They will help you to slow down the enemy and, in combination with other distractive elements, can give you an extra turn (or even several) to fire at your opponent. They also mess up hordes in a serious fashion. Massed I5 attacks followed by I3 will tear apart low save troops and even a tactical squad will have a bit of trouble if charged (although this is relying a little bit more on luck to get past the 3+ save without a power weapon). Their shooting is useful, too (they'll down ~2 marines in rapid fire range, which isn't amazing, but is helpful). Don't count on their shooting to do much of anything, but it's nice.

Oh, just to clarify, hounds are virtually necessary. I5 means that kroot can actually pretend to be real combat troops and allow you to take off hounds as casualties and not lose attacks vs I4/5 troops. The metal hounds are quite expensive, so I recommend the chaos warhounds from the fantasy line.
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Default Re: Searching for Inspiration

i have done the opposite in my experience with tau. i started with a large kroot force of about 1 large squad or 2 small ones, which didnt take long to turn into 2 large squads. they worked well, but as i started to use a more mobile style of fighting because i found it worked better in every situation: i was able to put out more fire, kill more, and spend less casulties trying to complete my objective, my kroot have begun to gather dust, sadly. :'(
i say get pathfinders, some more suits(both kinds, if you need any more, i have 6 stealth and 3 crisis and full command squad), gather up squads of gun drones, and go ninja. nothings more fun than having your whole suit and drone army come in on one turn. if you do that, make sure you have the pathfinders, the marker beacon will help all your suits land safely. make sure your fire warriors also have devilfish so they can get to their objective before games end.
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Default Re: Searching for Inspiration

Pathfinders rule if you like a mobile army and know how to best use your marker lights. As said above, get crisis and stealth suits, but not too much, the cost can get way too heavy if you beef them up too much.

If you don't have too much experience with the tau I'd say don't take piranhas unless you find them overwhelmingly cool (I have one for that sole reason). Here is a link to a piranha guide. If you know how to use them, they can be a real suprise/pain to your enemy.

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Default Re: Searching for Inspiration

Kroot are not completely about assault, they make a great pillbox unit. They may not have the range of Tau, but they still have decent range, and their so cheap that weight of fire really works in their favor. All you have to do is find them some decent cover to sit in and shoot from and you should easily get the most out of them. As for assault, IMO their only really good for that initial assault phase. Against a tough opponent (which is what most of my friends would bring) they never lasted long, so consider them a fire and forget weapon.

Piranha may not be a bad choice, definitely a good looking kit, and very unique weapon of war. Pathfinders and vespids on the other hand can be difficult to get the most out of.
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Default Re: Searching for Inspiration

If you don't like kroot (like me) then there are ways of getting around not having them.

However you will need your fire warrior squads mounted in devilfishes and a lot of units which are mobile.
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Default Re: Searching for Inspiration

I personally don't like kroot, but they kinda grew on me. I wanted to keep a strictly Tau army at first. However, after my first 3-4 battles with Orks running right up into melee range with my firewarriors, I decided my army needed a meat shield. Kroot, at the very least, give your army an extra round or 2 of shooting before they are in any real danger.
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Default Re: Searching for Inspiration

With 5th edition I needed cheap speed bumps for better parts of my army.

Enter Kroot.

Well really that's all there was to it. As lures or speed bumps they are very cheap for the points and they are a unit you don't mind throwing away.

Outflank and Infiltrate can hurt some opponents, so that's always an option to put early pressure on the oppo.

Apart from that, my Kroot consistently outshoot my FW's and can take at least one charge before breaking and running off crying to Aun'Va.

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Default Re: Searching for Inspiration

Well everyone, I am going to try Kroot... and it might be fun to paint something more "organic".

I ordered a battleforce because I was going to just order a Kroot Carn box, but realized another crisis, dfish, and 3 stealths wouldnt hurt, since the those alone cost less than it would to buy separately. I also ordered 6 hounds... those suckers are exspensive, but they do look awesome.

Thanks everyone for the replies, its great to have such an active community around.

Maybe at some point I can put up my army paint scheme as-is. It has been taking a long time to paint, since I am a workaholic and OCD, but a Railhead I have pretty much sums up the direction, along with some FWs.

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