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Extra Sources of Tau Information
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Extra Sources of Tau Information

I want a complete rundown on all sources where I can find updates, trial rules, extra models, etc other than the codex.

For instance:

Chapter Approved
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Default Re: Extra Sources of Tau Information

Chapter Approved
White Dwarf
Forge World

Is this realy neccesary?
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Default Re: Extra Sources of Tau Information


Well, in that case, check out the Important Topics sticky and then check out the GW Resources thread that is contained there. It has a link to all of GW's current available material. Otherwise, literally check out GW's chapter approved website. As for "extra models" when it comes to Tau, I don't really follow you in that regard, so you may wish to check out more miniature specializing websites, or googling "Tau" images for that bit. The only real Tau models that are retailed are GW's and ForgeWorld's... otherwise, it's a conversion and not likely to be available to you so easily unless you're willing to do the work.

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Default Re: Extra Sources of Tau Information


This has tons of great info with tatics.


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