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What do you want to see in the next codex?
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Kroot Shaper
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Making aun'shi less useless...
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A CC Tau special character will always be a bit useless.
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- Interceptor Drones from the Sunshark bomber as actual 1 HP vehicle flyer models, rather than their current jetpack infantry. I understand they can turbo-boost like jetbikes, but up to 30" of movement while not shooting leaves them slower than the flyers they're supposed to be 'intercepting', and their infantry model stats leave them entirely too vulnerable to be useful.

- Making our codex fighter (Razorshark) tougher so that it actually can be useful against other fliers.

- Giving more HQ models (particularly unique characters) an invuln save of some kind or the ability to buy one. Even if this is just drones, this would go a long way to making our unique characters useful. S6 or higher ignores cover weapons (cough*balefamer*cough) currently put every unique character we have on a level of usefulness somewhere between **** and all.

- T5 Broadsides? We have exactly 1 codex model with toughness above 4, and all of 1 single use upgrade to improve some models toughness to 5. They're heavy support, should they ya know.. be able to take a high strength hit or two without keeling over from instant death?

-Make Vespids useful. The decently expensive elite / fast attack niche is something Tau don't have. If vespids were an attempt to fill that, they are WAAYY underrated for their 18pt per model base cost. Hell, even giving them pulse carbines would make them more effective against pretty much everything except MEQ's, and their pitiful statline in everything but initiative leaves them worse than just about any equivalent model I can think of. So either, make them better at shooty if that's what they're supposed to be doing or, make their statline better so they could actually stand a chance of winning the close combat their fleet, hit & run, and move through cover is supposed to be getting them into.

- Automated Repair System. Make it repair immobilized results instead of weapons and we're golden. A little piddly 35pt rhino can recover from something that cripples even the most expensive of Tau vehicles.

-Change missile drones. They're currently kept from benefiting from drone controllers AND only broadsides can take them. FAQ shenanigans because they missed the huge inherent balancing issue there. So EITHER 1) let anything take missile drones from the drones list and keep the drone controller restrictions, or 2) keep the units that can take them limited and eliminate the controller restriction, OR 3) Allow both, and increase the price of the drone. The codex has 20 and 25 pt drones, the reason why the FAQ happened is because missile drones were to good for 12 points a pop. ANY of these would be better than the current 'eh, **** it that'll do' approach to the rule fix.

- Balance TL burst cannons and TL SMS pods. With point equivalency there is absolutely no use in taking burst cannons. Counting them as separate, twin-linked weapons would make BC's more deadly at close range, as they should be. Alternatively, adjusting down the price of vehicle hulls and counting the SMS pods as a 10 pt upgrade as with the devilfish would be another way to balance the reduced effectiveness of the burst cannons without arbitrarily increasing the cost of well-balanced vehicles to correct this problem.

- Changing our transports. I know I've talked at length about why I think the devilfish is overpriced. It might very well be, but it would be easily gotten around by giving Tau a 6 model razorback equivalent as a transport choice. A fast skimmer with lighter armor and firing points would suit fantastically, particularly for small teams of firewarriors / pathfinders. Perhaps even allowing bulky (but not very bulky) models in order to move small teams of stealth suits as well. I think that would go a long way to solving the 'I have no cheap, mobile troop choices' that Tau suffers from in low point matches. The devilfish itself would probably benefit from a small point reduction and / or adding firing points on the hull.

- Vehicle-borne markerlights. Vehicles are much more survivable in 6th edition than they were in previous editions, and many mech-based armies have benefited greatly with the change. It's certainly helped Tau as well, though our codex took away several things that make our skimmers so flexible (mutli-trackers, target locks). Our vehicles aren't unbalanced on the whole, but the lack of 'protected' markerlights is rather telling. Fliers aside, the one vehicle-based source for markerlights is certainly not purpose-built, nor effective in providing hits in any volume. The example of the FW tetras is what I would consider as a balanced approach, providing a similar number of markerlight hits with a limit on volume, all for roughly the same cost to achieve the same average out of a pathfinder team. Having something more dedicated to markerlights in our codex would be a great boon without serving to make useless the current units that fill the role. The 11 - 15 pt range per average hit is pretty common regardless of unit type, so say a model that would average 4 hits (ex. vehicle with 6 makerlights with a BS of 4) in the 45 - 60 pt range would suit. Similarly a model that provides multiple uses like the Skyray might cost more.
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That's unusual, and this is definitely not the site to have problems on. With no moderators and the only admin kind of a spooky ghost figure it could be years before someone fixes that for you :O
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Kroot Shaper
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Number 8. For sure. And don't make Human auxiliaries suck please.

And weapons choices we get for Pathfinders for Fire Warriors? The option to give them Rail Rifles and Ion gun would give us cheap skates the option to field an infantry army that can actually win.
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I would love to see a +1 BS or maybe having a target lock give a +1 BS for an army that is supposed to be good at shooting they miss a whole damn lot, and more toughness for the Battlesuits as with the doubling rule you can one shot just about every battlesuit :/ and maybe a new model, possibly a new battlesuit? or infantry type?
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