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Question on Tactics
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Old 01 Jul 2005, 19:25   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Question on Tactics

I've got a friend who brags about his invincible IG tank army. I watch him play and the only reason he win is that he stays at the very back of the table and sits there. If u don't attack him, he'll just basilisk you to death. If u do attack he just launch a barrage of tank weapons not to mention half of his tanks are from the Chapter Approve book. The Vanquisher and basilisk are the tanks i c that need to be taken out first. They are the only ones that would put up a challenge for me.
My thoughts are that i deep strike maybe 3 crisis units using Plasma rifle or missile pod/fusion blaster/multitracker and my secondary HQ my Shas'O and his bodygaurds. At the same time with my heavy support to have the LOS at the gaps to take out any tank that i will force to move to chase my Suits.
I want to beat this guy only because he thinks hes the best in our group and he always says this "I beat everyone here" to every person that asks if hes good or not. Guess what, he never faught me b4. I may be acting like a child but i want to put it in his face that he is not the best and to cut down his ego. Besides he insults Tau all the time, especially with the nasal cavity jokes and saying how weak our suits are. My warriors are pissed and want to wreak some havok. So if u guys can give me some suggestions plz do so. TY all.
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Default Re: Question on Tactics


Don't you just despise gamers like that that plague shops? The best way to deal with them, is to remove the things that are making him to annoying, generally being bodily parts, such as his head. But that's not very legal, so you may just have to beat him at his own game, and just laugh at him a little bit.

The simplest route, would be deep striking Death Rain, bringing those twin-linked missile pods into his lines, with target locks to spread out the shots and saturate his side/rear armors until he's locked down. You can use stealthsuits to infiltrate and dance around his front line, spraying his infantry (if he has any) with hot burst cannon death. Guardsmen are great bullet catchers. You could take some broadsides with gundrones to pound some of his armor early on, or you could take hammerheads and keep them out of line of sight, just to move out on the same turn that you deep strike and do all your "good bye" shots on one turn, to attempt a one-turn-bash that would pretty much make him cry a little bit, so you may have to call his mother afterwards.

Really there's lots of ways to deal with him, I'm guessing he's using armored company? Or is he just using CA tanks in a normal guard army?

Mechanized will beat him, so mount up well. Deep striking twin-linked missile pods will also remove his basilisk very easily as well as his other leman russ variants. Really, you shouldn't need much effort at all, since he relies on tanks and Tau is simply very good at destroying said tanks.

You should probably post what models you're able to use, because it may be useless to suggest things that won't be possible for you. Also, an idea of the point-level of the game will help as well. Tactics revolve around what you're using after all

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Default Re: Question on Tactics

This type of army can be hard to beat, but stands little chance against a mobile Tau army, as Malveaux said. *Make sure he is using a legal army. *He can't just take any tanks he wants. *

As long as your skimmers are moving more than 6" per turn, they may only be glanced. *It is now much harder to penetrate vehicles with template weapons. *If he is using lot of tanks (and you have cash to burn *), play three Hammerheads with Railguns. *Your opponent will have a lot of trouble hurting them, but the same will not be true for you. * > *

Also, use as many Stealth Teams as you can, and infiltrate with them. *Your opponent will have to choose between exposing his weak armor to them or to the Hammerheads. *Deep-striking single battlesuits can wreak havoc on his rear armor, as well.

Use terrain to your advantage. *He cannot move and fire very effectively. *Tau can, which is their principal advantage over Guard in shooting.

Try not to use many static infantry units. They are just too easy to kill with Battle Cannons and the Earthshaker.
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Default Re: Question on Tactics

i'd be tempted to throw DE at him lots of raiders and warrior squads with dark lances. mmmm. roasted tank!

for tau, would broadsides be a good choice? Just for the ability to take 3 railguns for 225 points. could be useful. and of course, railheads, and pod/fusion suits.
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Default Re: Question on Tactics

I'd go for fusion blasters and missile pods deepstriking, along with rail head and (depending on the points) a squad of pathfinders to make sure those tanks go the way of Hanson. Other than that, play on a table with lots and lots of terrain, and deep strike your crisis onto his basilisk. That'll put that little punk in his place.

also, a deep striking gun drone squadron will pop tanks really fast too. And they're relatively expendable and dependable.
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Default Re: Question on Tactics

Armoured Company...I don't think gaming clubs should allow them in regular games at all.

The suggestions beforehand are all excellent points, but a pair of Monat Crisis suits with twin linked Fusion Blasters would really make him cry - you're practically garenteed to penetrate his side or rear armour if you deep strike behind him.

A unit of Gun Drones would also be nice for a distraction/rear deep strike. *Imagine the look on his face if you managed that

2 Railgun-armed Hammerheads would be an excellent choice, especially if equiped with Multitrackers. *Moving 12", fire, very hard to hit in return = excellent choice.

Maybe a single unit of Broadsides as well. *Maybe even a Monat with Shield Drones - not too scary looking compared to the Hammerheads, but actually more dangerous to his armour. *It'll probably be ignored the first few turns before he realises his mistake.

Remember he'll only have about 6-8 tanks in a 1500pts game. *That's easily beaten if you pick the right units for the task.

Go whoop his ass - guys like that really don't give us gamers a good image.

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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Fuquay Varina, North Carolina
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Default Re: Question on Tactics

Hey thanx all. U all gave out really good pointers and its good to talk to other ppl who play the same army. And Again TY all i'll tell u all how the battle turns out. I'm going to face him when fall semester starts at the community college i go to so i got time practice at the hobby store i go to.
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