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Game Results & Observation
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Game Results & Observation

I played a small 400 pt game against a friend of mine yesterday and I ran into a difficult spot. I was beating the crap out of him for the first 3 turns while he slowly trudged his Space Wolves across the table. By the time he got to me he had about 1/3 of his army left. I started feeling kinda sorry for him cause it was his first game, and I didn't kill him mercilessly. That was a big mistake. He nearly beat me, but settled for a draw which I was happy to take. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has noticed that Tau tend to either win outrageously or be crushed?
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Default Re: Game Results & Observation

yeh.. soso, the last game i played was against marrines and i only won by 142 victory points it was pretty close but i had real bad luck tho :P
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Default Re: Game Results & Observation

In a meatgrinder, the Tau tend to either massacre the opposition or be massacred themselves.
In cleanse and take and hold, it tends to be a closer game.
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Default Re: Game Results & Observation

win outrageously, or be crushed? well, starting off, i got crushed unmercifully more than once! but that said, i've had a lot more close run games, or games when i was doing really really well, and the other guy just manages to throw a spanner in the works. annoying, but soes not affect me winning. *grumbles about tournament where 2 hammerheads died in the same turn in 2 games. grumble grumble meltaguns, rockets, rokkits and nob power claw that rolled nothing but siexes. grumble*

it happens to every gamer- believe me.
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Default Re: Game Results & Observation

yea, yaknow what? i noticed that myself.. theres never any nail biting close games.... either theres none of him left by turn4-5.. or none of ME

while close games are interesting, id prefer to know in my mind that ill annihilate them... or mess up and die. i wont feel cheated, cause ill know I messed up and died... there WILL be that one key "why the heck did i..." when i lose, and thats the way i actually wanna lose....

...not by saying "i tried my best, did everything right, made good die rolls... and i STILL lost?!?"... or "whaddaya mean, Victory Points!?! look at the durn TABLE!"

:P i just confused myself.. could this be classified as optimism???
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