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My N'dras Cadre
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Default My N'dras Cadre

So I've been playing Tau for about a year but since I've not really had loads of free time I haven't decided on an official colour scheme. I've had just gotten into the fluff more now and I want to go with the N'dras planet as it leaves many opportunities. I am hoping for a dark grey to black main colour, a grey for the secondary colour and dark red for the sept colour. However I'm not fully sure so my questions are:-
What do you think of my ideas?
Does anyone have any sort of resemblance to this in their army?
Finally, Can you help me think of the colours to use?

Thanks in Advance ;D
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Default Re: My N'dras Cadre

hmmm, looking at the fluff, it says N'dras was abandoned long ago... for dark reasons maybe? >

from that,you could make a theme for the entire army, for example, if it was abandoned, we can deduce that it maybe hasn't got the most up to date tech , also, if it were untustworthy, you could also say they could either rely more on mercs, or go the other way, and hate mercs

colour scheme wise...hmmm interesting, the fluff to me seems that the Tau found something nasty/disturbing, after all, why abandon a planet?, to fit that theme, i would go with something dark, or in between... Grey, i dunno, if you do the entire thing grey it will look bland, even with the sept markings...
one interesting concept though, how about a N'dras style night army , ever played Splinter Cell?, it could be done like that black and bright green for contrast , ooooOOOooooo Splinter Cell themed Pathfinders *drools* sept colour markings, well, you could either go with bright green, or tone it down to grey.

my personal idea (although its only rough) is a night themed army, with lots of cool night-vision gear
black armour, although give it a gloss wash to make it look shiny , grey sept although keep them muted to fit it in, and bright green lenses for the night vision feel
a note on Pathfinders, you could possibly try and give their armour a 'stealth-suit' feel, not Tau stealth-suit, but like either a spec-ops style suit, or a commando look or you could try a ghilli suit, i've seen a pretty good tutorial on how to do them (luckily it was on a Tau model too ) over at heresy.

hope that helps, in the end its your decision
Worst thread ever!
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