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asking for advice fighting librarions
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Old 29 Jun 2005, 02:48   #1 (permalink)
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Default asking for advice fighting librarions

librarian a problem with a space marine player that loves to use a librarion with veal of time... i have not played him yet but im going to soon, any advice?
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Default Re: asking for advice fighting librarions

Shoot him before he gets anywhere near you.

Basically just double up on the amount of firepower you'd normally reserve for a Power Armoured character - Ion Cannons, Plasma Rifles, etc and watch him and his squad just disappear. Probably solved.

If your opponant is canny and Deep Strikes, then just rapid fire him to death.

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Default Re: asking for advice fighting librarions

the problem with the ion head is he also brings a land raider...
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Default Re: asking for advice fighting librarions

Then use the Railhead ;D.
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Default Re: asking for advice fighting librarions


First, consider what the Veil of Time does - The Veil of Time allows all those nasty re-rolls, but the power is only useable in his movement phase and it lasts until the end of his turn. The Veil of Time does not function on your turn. That means, you have a chance each turn to knock him out without him re-rolling everything on you. The power is indeed powerful, but it's not a godlike power that allows him re-rolls indefinitely on each turn. He just does this on his turn basically, which is why it's so heavily based on the combat phase with all the allowable re-rolls. In your shooting phase, he's still just as vulnerable as any librarian, so you shouldn't have to make any special efforts to kill him - just avoid combat with him at all costs.

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Default Re: asking for advice fighting librarions

Thanks Mal, that helps alot, and now that i know that i can get to ploting .
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Default Re: asking for advice fighting librarions

yeah there not that hard if my enemy has one i send a salvo of seekers from my pathfinder squad right in to the squad with the librarian that squad will ether be dead or have alot will be weak so by the time they walk toward you you can plus fire burst cannon or any thing else you can thing of focus fire
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Default Re: asking for advice fighting librarions

If he's using only veal of time, consider yourself spared. The most underused librarian skill is FoTA, and be grateful he's not using it against you . Not to mention Ds'ing a combat librarian and "booing" tau is just incredible, I know as I have done it countless times. In my marine army I often use a combination of these, with 2 FoTa (one on termi lib and one on ds'ing jump pack one) just rapes anyone with low leadership. If he does use FoTA, just remember that it cannot be shot through any of his own units.
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Old 30 Jun 2005, 00:33   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: asking for advice fighting librarions

Sadly, true. "Fear the Darkness" psychic power is a soul-crushing effect. Deep-striking librarians land on his turn, and unleash the power on his turn. There are few ways to counter the effect.

One, obviously, is to mount as many warriors as possible into Devilfish. It has internal flashlights to "Shoot the Darkness" with. More seriously, models in transport are immune to morale checks. Simple!

The second isn't quite as effective, but helps cover most of your troops: take an Etherial. While he won't stop the Deepstriking Terrors, he can make them more difficult to pull off by giving your Tau a second chance at bravery.

The final idea is to fight the classic anti-Deepstrike game. More suited to static Tau, large numbers, spreading out to encompass as much of your own deployment zone as possible, and choking the landscape with terrain are all effective measures to make DS'ing a much riskier proposition. It's far from perfect and it won't stop him simply striking down in front of your army and going "Boo", but it will make the gamble a much uglier one to take.

For now, there's nothing the Tau can do to flat-out halt the Fear maneuver. Weather it as best you can, and remember to give the teleporting Librarian a nice, warm welcome with those Broadsides.

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Default Re: asking for advice fighting librarions

Clearly, Imperial Guardsmen should all be immune to Fear the Darkness... they all carry those nice standard issue imperial flashlights! Seriously, what i'm most scared of is deepstriking a terminator librarian with veil of time and might of heroes. He'd be a close combat Monstah with the survivability to make it to your lines.
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