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vulture kroot ?
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Default vulture kroot ?

i know this is not tau but i didnt know where to post it i was watching a game with orks against IG and the ork guy was using some kroot mercs they had wings

he sayed they were vulture so he use there wings to move 12" but he also said they had a ork hybrid that cant be right only a merc kroot army can take that right ?
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Default Re: vulture kroot ?

As far as I was concerned, only Tau could take Kroot Mercs of ANY kind
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Default Re: vulture kroot ?

Originally Posted by Ko Vash Shi
As far as I was concerned, only Tau could take Kroot Mercs of ANY kind*
Wrong Tau can't use Kroot, Kroot Mercenaries are Mercenaries which don't fight alongside the Tau, their rules are in Chapter Approved. Anyway frankthetank I don't think that is right either but I won't pretend to know the Kroot Merc rules so I am just guessing. Just wait for Mal to come...
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Default Re: vulture kroot ?

I can help, I almost memorised the Kroot Merc Dex... Look in Chapter Approved for the Kroot Mercinaries.

The guy you were playing either had no clue in heck what he was talking about, or was cheating you badly. *Kroot Armies, and ONLY Kroot Armies can take those Signiture Adaptations such as Ork Hybrid. *The movement thing is correct, though, Vulture Kroot move just like Jet Pack troopers. *

Print off the page that shows that he can't use the Ork Hybrid and shove it in the idiots face.
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Default Re: vulture kroot ?

Edit- this post was answered while I was typing, but most of this is still valid.

No, there is a Kroot merc list available here:


which you can field as a separate army, or I believe, as mercenaries, except for a number of races- Tau being one of them.
So, regular Tau get regular Kroot, nothing fancy from the merc list. It's always possible that the people you saw playing had agreed to make an exception to this rule though.
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Default Re: vulture kroot ?

i was watching a game with orks against IG
No Tau! That means Kroot Mercenaries list only And that means there are limitations and upgrade possibilities!

Vulture Kroot move just like Jet Pack troopers
Now this is a small mistake, but it can be important to point out that they're not Jet Packs, but Jump Packs, since in 4th edition, their is a big distinction between the two

The Ork player had allied Kroot Mercenaries, Vulture Kindred as they're called. They're just basic Kroot with wings (they move as if they had jump packs). Now, unfortunately, he could not take a Signature Adaptation (ie: Ork Hybrid) as our good man Auin'Myrrath pointed out. So in that sense, the Ork player was playing with the Kroot incorrectly (which makes little sense considering he has access to Storm Boyz).

So really, you're right Frank, there was a problem in that game, and everyone else is correct as well in pointing out the signature adaptation problem.

Really though, most Tau players would probably find the Vulture Kindred a very attractive fast attack option for a standard Tau army list. They're a great unit and can come in large packs, packing some nasty weapons and abilities. But this is why they deny us the ally.

It's kind of strange that the Kroot were mercs to the Orks and not the Imperial Guard though, it's strange to think of Orks with Kroot side by side ;D

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