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I think I made a crappy Shas'El...
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Default I think I made a crappy Shas'El...

I'm kinda new to the game but I made a Shas'El that has TL Fusion Blaster and Plasma. I play him independent but I still find myself in situations where he's not as effective as I want him to be. This a bad build? Can I get any tips? I can't really rip his stuff off and change it around without causing fairly large damage to my model.

Advice please >_<
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Default Re: I think I made a crappy Shas'El...

actually, ive screwed up crisis builds quite a few times. if you cant pop the guns off, rip the arms off. they glue back on quite well.

next time, dont glue the guns on.
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Default Re: I think I made a crappy Shas'El...

You didn't build a crappy Shas'El. Cause I have one just like him.

Remember all Tau units, HQ or not, have roles to fill. Just because this particular one can't send off missile pod shots from 36" doesn't make him less effective. Besides, you can field 2 Shas'Els, just make the next one you configure to fill a more longer range role. Don't rip apart or damage a well assembled model. Just buy another one and configure that one to do another role. And remember, unless your friends suck, it's okay to proxy weapons in friendly games to see what works better for your army's overall battle plan.

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Default Re: I think I made a crappy Shas'El...

Like what Saturn said, not a bad set up just maybe not fit for some rolls. Tau as you're probably aware aren't designed to have a single unit that fits everything. TL Fusion and Plasma on a El won't make for a very good hord killer or long range plinker, but it will definately make for an AWESOME Termite killer and even Tanker hunter. As long as you can get up close and personal (just not in CC if you can help it), then I'm sure you will be able to put some hurting down. Until you figure out what set up is the best for you, just proxy different setups and on your next Crisis if you have a few extra dollars and some time to do alittle modding..try putting the different weapons on magnets. You'll never have to ripe them off. I do that now with my Hammerhead, I use magnets so I can replace the Ion for the Rail and until I get my first Fish, I can take them all off and use the chassis as a good proxy for getting familiar with Fish tactics.
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Default Re: I think I made a crappy Shas'El...

I think you made a crappy EL too. It's hard enough to pull off the fusion shot on infantry, and unless you are about to assault something you shouldn't have screening troops that close up to impart immunity to your commander.

It's not a horrible build, but it's a role Tau struggle to fill efficiently.
Originally Posted by Brother Edwin
Also note I have 6 lord level HQ's leading 10 scouts.
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Default Re: I think I made a crappy Shas'El...

I've found that TL fusion is really hard to use correctly, and takes a lot of practice and experience. That said, I used it a few times and didn't use it again.. The one shot nature of it is also makes it a bit of gamble to use.. TL Missile pods would be a lot more effective IMO, even against vehicles..
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Default Re: I think I made a crappy Shas'El...


We were discussing something like this recently, about commander configurations:


From what I can see, I think the only thing that is slowing down your Shas'El is that he's too slow, and his weapons are too short ranged for your play style. I would probably recommend going for the fusion blaster and missile pods, to allow yourself to always do something in most situations, but also still have the ability to dish out the fusion when need be.

Also, perhaps you can tell us exactly what you're doing with him? Are you destroying vehicles? Hunting power armor?

And you don't have to rip the parts off - get an exacto knife or straight razor, and just be gentle. A nice clean cut will remove the part, and allow you to buy some little magnets so that you can make your Crisis weapons swappable, allowing you great fun and the ability to change up his build to your heart's desire (Click here for Information on Magnets & Crisis Suits).

Another thing to consider is that you don't really have to remove weapons, but that you could add weapons instead to make a more versatile commander. If you have two fusion blasters glued on to represent the twin-linking, perhaps you could cut just one off, keep the plasma and then add a missile pod and then you have a big Shas'O instead.

Shas'O Versatile - 127 points.
-Fusion Blaster
-Plasma Rifle
-Missile Pod
-Hard-wired Multi-tracker

He's more expensive, but at least you keep all your old build really but now he's useful in literally every situation. He can pound on things from far away with missile pods and perhaps a few pops with the plasma at full range, then up close, you can use just the plasma and fusion together for pure low ap burn. You can't use all three weapon systems at the same time, but at least you can choose to use 2 of them per shooting phase which bests suits the target and range, making him very useful all the time.

Good luck and Cheers!
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Default Re: I think I made a crappy Shas'El...

i use 3 xv8s

HQ - Plasma, fusion and Missile pod
Elite - TL plasma and Missile Pod
Elite - TL fusion and Missile pod

i have found them to be very effective when placed in the Fire line with FW support. also if a player is using Whirlwinds ect deap striking behind them with TL fusion can be devestating (i managed to take out 3 WW before he got troops back to kill me but i see this as a good trade)
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Default Re: I think I made a crappy Shas'El...

Yeah, Wile, that's a good trade. 64 points for 3 Heavy Support slots. Basically you lost 21.33 pts per kill. Not bad considering the tanks probably cost around 70 each.

I have an 'El armed the same way Mal's talking about for my HQ choice (O seemed unfluffy). He's versatile and sometimes the lowered BS hurts my hitting ability but I like having the flexibility on him. My one Crisis team right now is modelled after the Sa'cea septs methods since that's the one I'm leaning towards for my sept.

1 - TWMPs and Flamer
2 - TWFBs and MP
3 - PR, BC, and DC w/ 2 Gun Drones

Not everyone can fire at all ranges, but as you can see it's got a little something of everything for everybody. I probably would have done two with TWMPs, but I lack the parts as yet. Need to get my hands on another Battle Box.

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Default Re: I think I made a crappy Shas'El...

Also depends on the army you're going after. If you're facing Guard that have a lot of infantry to screen their tanks, a FB isn't the best choice. If you're fighting Marines, your choice is perfect. If you use him right, you can always make your 'el work.

I use an 'o with the same config, but I don't have to twin-link anything, because you hit on a 2+, which is more than enough for me...if you're nervous bout that, twin-link the fusion blaster or pr, depending on whether you plan on fighting more 3+ saves or 2+ saves.
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