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Huge 5000 pt tau. How to play tau BIG?
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Default Huge 5000 pt tau. How to play tau BIG?

My friends and I have gotten this brilliant idea. We just combine all our tau to create a huge tau army. (If we push it we can go for 6500 points but so we have options we are staying at 5000 pts)
We're gathering some guard players and some space mareines player, and if we can pull it, a sisters of battle player. Were going to make them take each 1000 pts, and ter of course will be five of them. Tau vrs Imperials.
Does anyone know how we should go about makeing a 5000 point army list againts Imperials? Assume we have unlimited resources if you must.
What kind of tactics would this huge tau army use?
Would the way to play tau change?

(for anyone who's wondering we are playing on three 4 by 4 table tops. 12 by 4 in total.

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Default Re: Huge 5000 pt tau. How to play tau BIG?

I'd have to say lots and lots of Broadsides, as the lack of mobility isn't an issue in such a huge game. You'll probably have something good to shoot at every turn.
Also, a huge regiment of Stealths would be a good idea, as in such a large battle, crossfire is a big issue. You can go engae one squad without having to worry about some three or four tanks 42" away trying to shoot at them ^_^.
Oh, and watch out for large numbers of deep strikers as that'll be a likely thing they might try, being such large numbers of SMurfs. Of course, I don't think Tau would be good at DSing at this point level. Anything that even succesfully DSs would probably be shot to pieces in one turn.
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Default Re: Huge 5000 pt tau. How to play tau BIG?

its Tau so obviously shoot shoot shoot shoot and erm shoot some more
seriously now you got luky a 5000pt tau against 5 1000pt imperials. *it it was 5000 vs 5000 of the same army you may have found it difficult. *this will take a long time to play to so dont get tierd and loose interest.

take all your slots as fire warriors (full squads) .
take 6 crisis as 2 elites with what ever you want.
take 6 stealth as your other elite.
take a beefed up commander with a beefed up body guard.and give em all drones preferable gun drones.
take a full squad of gun drones as a fast attack along with 2 full pathfinder squads.
give all your tanks 4 seekers each aswell.
for heavy 'erm erm erm erm ooooooo this is hard' 6 broad sides! and a hammer head with a ion cannon for ripping abart power armour.
you can fit in 6 devilfishes for your squads and give them all seeker missiles.
ur squad leaders marker lights drone controllers and two gun drones and boneded.
then if you like take another commander beefed up with another beefed up bodyguard or a etherial.

i think you can fit more in with another force organisation chart if their using 5 armys then that 5 FOs you shud be able to use 5 too.

hope you win

try and post a battle report if you can i think it would be sweet to hear how you got on *
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Default Re: Huge 5000 pt tau. How to play tau BIG?

yes please post the battle report i would love to read some that big to see how the tau will do i hope better then the fluff
Tau wins 38 tie 2 lost 8

Death Guard win 13 tie 0 lost 2

dark eldar wins 5 tie 0 lost 1
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Default Re: Huge 5000 pt tau. How to play tau BIG?

How many force organazation charts should we use
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Default Re: Huge 5000 pt tau. How to play tau BIG?

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Default Re: Huge 5000 pt tau. How to play tau BIG?


5000 points of Tau can be split into 2 Force Organizational charts via the 4th edition rules. So working on making 2500 point lists is where I would suggest you begin.

Now, as for composition, think about what you guys are setting up. You're setting up an army that is big on points, but low on force organizational chart access (read: abuse). The thing is, your imperial foe will have 5 lists of 1,000 points with 10 HQ slots, 15 Elite slots, 15 fast attack slots and 15 heavy support slots with their massive amount of troops, making for 30 troop selections, which they will not even be able to fill all together. You on the other hand will only have up to 4 HQ, 6 Elites, 6 Fast Attacks, 12 Troops, and 6 heavy supports. That's a huge difference, by other half. They can outnumber your unit with a harder hitting unit, per unit in your list. So if you continue, I'd suggest you seriously limit their options to 1 or 2 heavy per list (1,000 points) as well as elites. Otherwise, you're looking at a painful problem.

On to what you can do for yourself though. One of the strongest force charts you have is your troop charts (I know that sounds like Captain Obvious, but honestly people neglect this in large games instantly running for those big expensive super units). No matter what those imperials field, you will probably be able to out-troop him with only 12 Troop selections since you can bet that they will probably have only 2 or 3 troops per list (or in other words, facing 10 to 15 troops). And the big thing is, your troops are better especially when mounted in a Devilfish. So first order of business, I would advise you to just get as many solid groups of Fire Warriors in fully loaded Devilfish as you can. Fill up those troops. Any remaining slots, fill completely with full squads of infiltrating Kroot.

Crisis suits may seem cool, but really you might as well just pack them up. You're going to have problems if your opponents abuse the heavy support thing I mentioned above, and crisis do not hold up to pressure. The other option is to take a light amount of Crisis suits, rigged for single target destruction and deep strike them. This way, you can focus more on destroying their infantry and special units, while mid-game your crisis can bring down the bigger threats (such as the leman russ, or the predator that is harassing you each turn).

This leaves plenty of room for Stealth Suits. You will love them in big games like this, because they will be packing lots and lots of weapons, but they cannot shoot our beautiful stealth suits, making them a bargain and a half, not to mention their infiltration. You can start on the guardsmen and mow all the way to the marines with those boys.

Fast attack can make a difference here. You will be facing very potent small squads in these 1,000 point lists probably (such as Devistators, heavy weapon teams, etc). Pathfinders can actually make a mockery of them with a massive seeker assault from multiple units. Just removing key squads on your first turn is enough to really alter the game. For example, if you bust a fully rigged command squad, assault squad and devastator team with 4 missile launchers on that first turn with 3 squads of Pathfinders, you will have a huge advantage against what ever he had left in the list. Taking out those key units quickly will escalate the game towards you tempo, making it your game, with you in control. That's where the Devilfish mounted Fire Warriors come in, as you can take 8 of them comfortably, and ride them all together and just focus fire entire lists off the board turn after turn. There will be enough of them to take casualty and keep up the pace too. Not even marines can stand up to that kind of pounding (well, under non-exceptional circumstances).

Gundrones also are a great way to quickly deep strike and pop little things, such as transports or tiny fire support squads, such as guardsmen, who pin rather easily considering 1,000 points which will be dedicated to fire power, not resilience.

Railguns are king, but submunitions and ion cannons are better. You will not be facing the big armor, it's spread too thinly on 1,000 points. So railguns are over-kill and a humble missile pod or deep striking fusion blaster will take care of the job. This leaves you free to take as many ion cannons as you can, fitted with disruption pods since you're on such as massive table. If you take submunitions it's the same thing, but they'll be more useful against the Guard. The Ion Cannon, in large amounts will simply be devastating against any non-guard opponent at the 1,000 point level. You could easily get away with 4 ion cannon tanks, backed up by 2 hammerheads with railguns, and make a mockery of each list, turn by turn, assisted by the rest of your army. But you need to deny his potent anti-tank early.

Run down of a list? I would probably shoot for an Ethereal, because facing that much imperial force may bring the wrath of several whirlwinds and several fear of the darkness librarians, which will be a serious pain on casualty and moral checks. Otherwise, a couple of nice Shas'El with missile pods will be quite nice to break any fast moving transports. The elites can be single slots of XV8 Crisis rigged for busting tanks (twin-linked fusion, or fusion and missile pods + multi-tracker, I would go for the fusion/pods) with deep strike attacks. A couple full squads of Stealth Suits. Then about 8 Fire Warrior squads in Devilfish, fully loaded, backed up by 4 ion cannon hammerheads and 2 railgun hammerheads. The rest can be Kroot squads and little fast attack bits, such as gundrones or an occasional pathfinder team (such as 3 of them). Remaining points could be filtered into more troops and more small units, like gundrones, but really that's up to how you will want to do it and what models will be available.

Anyhow, good luck to you and do let us know what happens!

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Default Re: Huge 5000 pt tau. How to play tau BIG?

Fortunatly I have played close to this sizes battle (4200 my god that was a lot of marines)

You'll need the troops like Mal said. Just because you can field 6 hammer heads dosn't mean you should. For the same cost you can get troops so go with no more than 4 railgun tottin bad boys. I dissagre with Mal on the lack of heavy armor. With 5 people playing I'ld hope some one runs a tank army. With space marines if they talk your going to see atleast a preadator or two and they will be making use of that cover. The imperial gaurd will take a some Lemon Russ (as I like to call them) so hopefully your railheads and broadsides will knock them out of commision. Besides that, its the same as most other 2000 point battles, just blow up those forsaken jumppackers. I thought, oh there too far away to do damage. Then they got behind cover and I couldn't root them out. But troops are the key in this battle. And if you got kroot bring them. God-like in these battles because the fact you've got 2 or 3 hammerheads on the board ready to blast them from any side usually scares people enough to ignore the kroot till its to late.
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Default Re: Huge 5000 pt tau. How to play tau BIG?

i think half your heavy should be broadsides, and the other half hammerheads, (what will it be, 3?) one with submunitions(use wisely, dont let it get blown) and the other two with ions since these are the ultimate weapon for killing SMurfs.

good luck

guard your tanks.
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Default Re: Huge 5000 pt tau. How to play tau BIG?

Well, I haven't played any game anywhere near that size, and don't have much of an idea of where to start. But I did go make a full FOC army list, which turned out to be 3500 points, see here > http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=8098.0 It basically works in a massive pincer manouvre, with the first two sections going forwards and the 3rd section providing support and some static hard hitting firepower. Even then, you still have 1500 points to mess with, 3000 if you decide to go for 6500 points.
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