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New Tyranids just made to fight Tau.
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Default New Tyranids just made to fight Tau.

Is it just me or does it seem that the new nids codex has been written in perfect opposition too Tau. I mean nids have always been the ying to our yang but now we cant drop bigger beasties with one rail gun shot anymore.

It also seems to me that they have evolved the speed of their little critters so mush as to counter our range and fire power. I just love how they are at 2 completely different ends of the spectrum. We have to look nids players fielding purely gaunt armies we just wont have enough guns, i don't think.


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Default Re: New Tyranids just made to fight Tau.

i agree especially with the fleet of claw rule and the leaping gaunts
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Default Re: New Tyranids just made to fight Tau.

hmm from what i heard is that they are easier to beat now i have not played the new tyranids to know for sure
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Default Re: New Tyranids just made to fight Tau.

I haven't gotten a look at the new nid codex. Is it really that different? My room mate at college plays nids. I've heard good things and bad thing about it for my Tau army... Is it true that Winged Tyrannts cant DS anymore? I know about the Living Ammo rule. But did they do something to the guants? Hormas were fast enough...lol, I don't need them closing my lines faster now.
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Default Re: New Tyranids just made to fight Tau.

Im a bit wary of the ability of nids to now shrug off instant death results (if they are in synapse range)... due to the the hive mind "keeping them going" in the face of horrendous resistance.

Pardon me, but a railgun projectile that "sets the air on fire" as it moves should theoretically kill ANYTHING it hits, regardless!!! Its hard ot keep a corpse animated if its been blown to pieces...


Theres my rant, sorry if its long winded..

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Default Re: New Tyranids just made to fight Tau.

The new Tyranids are less broken than before, that makes them a great opponent to fight, instead of a nuisance (pardon the joke, fellow Tyranid players ). Synapse is an integral part of their system, but in that old codex, it's broken where they don't even need it due to mutations and biomorphs. Since those are out, we're back to Synapse again, which is where we should be. The bigger bugs can't be insta-gibbed, no big deal. Don't point railguns at Warriors anyways, point missile pods at them! The submunition was not slowed down at all, as it still busts through all those bug armor saves all the same. And really, they slowed the bugs down - they didn't speed them up. They limited the number of massive flying beards that are available and made the whole army require to be near by synapse or it falls appart. Wait until your first game with 60+ gaunts, where you bust all his warriors in a single shooting phase, leaving a bunch of gaunts out of synapse range, and watch them go feral and just scatter around and fall to pieces. Tyranid still can't do much if you're mounted up, just as always, so you can still fly safely in our skimmers.

The only thing that really, really changed is that Genestealers can move faster now, than before. But they don't move that fast. Fleet of Claw yes... but no leaping, so they're no faster than Eldar Guardians with fleet of foot, they cost a bundle, and they still die incredibly easily to pulse rifles. Nothing changed except that the Tyranid players got a better reason to field their nicer units instead of fielding hordes of their lesser units.

Old tyranid armies which merely had 2 hive tyrants and 100 guants (all with Synapse biomorphs) were quite tough for a Tau player to deal with, because they're too fast and too numerous for us to kill, and they beat us down in combat with those numbers. We could fly around in skimmers to avoid being attacked, but it slowed our army down so quickly that usually we'd just get swamped too quickly. Now, you'll see far less of those big 100+ bug armies as it's more centered on a balance of synapse, big bugs and little bugs.

Personally, I see things as being much better with the Tyranid now. They're balanced out much better and they slowed them down a bit (and when I say slowed down, I mean the bugs won't be moving any faster than a synapse bug moves, because they need to stay in synapse or they won't be doing much of anything). So chin up! Things are for the better now... you'll see!

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Default Re: New Tyranids just made to fight Tau.

The fact that the small bugs need to be in synapse range to be effective really hurts them. My 'O took on 16 Hormagants and not only did he win, he didn't take a wound (they caused no wounds and he killed 3, this then proceeded to break the bugs. My commander then chased them down and killed them)
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Default Re: New Tyranids just made to fight Tau.

I do fear nids now more than ever. One person has nids and another is putting one army together. I looked over the new Codex and it looks very cool. I really think it would be very interesting to play against them now. I was thinking "Man I would like to field an Army of 'Nids now".

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Default Re: New Tyranids just made to fight Tau.


One hour in the Booth! Tau are eternal! >

On a more serious note, if you want to try out a new army, I'd recommend borrowing someone else's units before splurging to get your own. That way, you can decide if the new Tyranids are really something you want, or if its just that "new car" smell attracting you so.

And as a side benefit, you get to learn first-hand what they can do, and how to unravel their fiendish, dastardly plans....
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Default Re: New Tyranids just made to fight Tau.

Having a life-long friend who's played Tyranids before they had a 3rd edition codex, I've seen them change considerably over the years. And as a Tau player, I've endured all the flavors that could possibly spawn from the Hive Mind. (Friggin Mycetic Spore Armies). To be completely honest about the whole situation, Mech Tau is the only true way you can counter/beat a Tyranid army.

I've played numerous games with my fellow Bug-playing friend (who's a usual at all the RTT's and wins a fair share of them as the Bugs.) and for a Tau player to try the static army approach is to invite frustration.

The bugs are no more stronger now then they were before...especially before. (hive node upgrade anyone?) However if your combat doctrine is to 'shoot the big ones', then that's your first problem. Tau aren't the Eldar... we can't put 2 Starcannons into a Tyrant at a cozy 36" range and call it a day. Our Railguns are great, but until they cause D3 wounds, it just isn't gonna happen with the RailHeads.

The two biggest killers of the Tau are Gaunts, and Lictors. A static Tau army is doomed if you don't deny the Bug player a place to put his lictors. And since he can pop those bad boys out of any area terrain, unless you work that 2" coherency rule to the max, 1 Lictor will easily eat any Broadside/Crisis/Fire Warriors you got. And even if they don't, it's tied up for another turn, which against the Bugs you can't afford.

Hormogaunts are just insane. You have *1* turn (2 if you won the roll to go first) to keep these @ss-handing machines from getting into your lines. And here in lies the problem. Which is why Mech Tau is the only way to play and turn the tables on your 'needing 6's to hit ' Bug enemy.

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