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Tau in cityfight...
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Default Tau in cityfight...

I just brought the codex: cityfight...
I want to ask you how tau fight in the city? Are they good in city combats? Lack of LOS could make them easly beaten in close combat... Someone has some tip about making a cityfight list? thank u my fellows O0

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Default Re: Tau in cityfight...

My tau excel in cityfight, I designed the Stalker Cadre specificall for this. Contrary to what people may think, mount eveything, no Broadsides. I have found them to be very effective.
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Originally Posted by Tim.
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Default Re: Tau in cityfight...


Congrats! City Fight is an excellent format and a bit more challenging than even normal game-play for Tau. You're right about line of sight becoming less and less. You also can expect a lot more cover on your ground infantry, and you can make great use of suits hoping in and out of buildings, but you'll find yourself walking a lot of times too (this takes getting used to surprisingly!). Don't forget to try out some Gun Drones too, and if you haven't considered pathfinders, you may want to try them as well, because removal of cover saves is quite a powerful ability in City Fight.

City Fight is all about face to face fire fights, ending up in a very nasty close combat phase. Speaking of which, combat has just gotten worse for us. The effective range and coherency involved in movement and combat, is very large as you'll read, so even if you think you're safe using gundrone tricks and the like, you won't be. Combat is much move decisive now, so avoid that if possible with units of Fire Warriors.

Kroot are your new best friend, if they weren't already. Kroot cost peanuts and just rock in City Fight. There's cover everywhere and they're prolific. Not to mention infiltration. They're a great unit to take in multiple masses to quickly be in key locations and great cover (up to 3+ cover saves even without jungle!).

So grab your stealthsuits and some Kroot, mix in some Fire Warriors and a splash of Crisis Suits and have a blast!
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Default Re: Tau in cityfight...

Cityfighting is an art form. Not only must you cope with rarely shooting beyond 6" (can you tell I play with a lot of terrain? ), you must also judge carefully many factors:
  • What is the mission objective?
  • What buildings give me the best firing positions?
  • Where are the killing grounds?
  • Can I run the gauntlet?
  • Can I survive the assault phase?

Let us consider each of these in turn:

What is the mission objective?
Whatever it is, be it claiming table quarters, holding the High Ground or blowing the hell out of every enemy in the field, make sure you keep focussed on it. Time your assaults so that they enemy will be unable to counterattack, pin down and trap his key units whilst keeping your own mobile, and under no circumstances abandon the mission in favour of raw combat, or you'll almost certainly lose!

What buildings give me the best firing positions?
Find a building, dig in, and fire. If there are any High buildings, you'll want to hold them at all costs (it may well be the objective!). However, be careful of sticking valuable units up high, as they can be easily shot, or simply bypassed. Pathfinders and Suits work best in High buildings; Pathfinders because their Markerlights can pick targets more easily, and Suits because their toughness and armour protect them, whilst their firepower can hit the top (rear) armour of vehicles and make short work of them.
If there are any fortified buildings, take them as fast as you can to deny the enemy that 3+ Cover Save, and give it to your own troops!

Where are the killing grounds?
A killing ground is a deathtrap caused by lack of terrain. Examples include market squares devoid of rubble, wide roads and other open spaces. I always try to have at least one killing ground on my cityfight board as it gives an interesting tactical edge (armies avoid them as if they were mined!).
However, a killing ground is only dangerous if you have units ready to engage. Put Firewarriors, Hammerheads and/or Suits so that they can open fire on anything that attempts to cross the killing ground and inflict heavy casualties. High AP weapons are the best ones to have guarding the killing grounds, as that way high-save units cannot rely on their armour to see them safely through your guns.
You may also be wise to position a combat unit, such as Kroot or a large Firewarrior squad, across from the killing ground to receive a charge. As your units will almost certainly be in cover, this gives you a valuable tactical edge. Well dug in, with good fire support, a killing ground can see even a Carnifex or Wraithlord fall before the defender's guns.

Can I run the gauntlet?
Running the Gauntlet is the toughest, but most exciting part of cityfight. Essentially, this involves assaulting an enemy position, usually an objective, a fortified building, or across a killing ground. The enemy will invariably be dug in, and the high cover saves given to them mean that even the heaviest guns can fail. Ultimately, Cityfight is decided by assault, not firepower, and the Tau must bring the enemy to battle if they wish to win.
To run the gauntlet, you must have the right units, in the right position, at the right time. Suits and Hammerheads can rely on their toughness to get to the enemy, and pack enough firepower to make them keep their heads down, and hopefully pick some off. Kroot and Firewarriors should advance in large numbers, allowing them to take enemy fire and survive. If you have to cross a killing ground, use transports where possible to minimise losses.
Finally, remember that running the gauntlet should never be a half-hearted action; commit your force in strength to the attack, or do not attack at all. Assaulting piecemeal will only result in your force suffering heavy losses with little or no gains. Make use of your firepower, but don't leave it too long to strike or it may cost you the game.

Can I survive the assault phase?
The assault phase is, arguably, even more vital in Cityfight than normal. Because of the large amounts of cover, the only way to realistically clear out the enemy is to assault. Remember that everyone within 6" can fight at full effect, so time your attacks well. Do not assault large units, and always have as many men as possible assaulting at once. Three Crisis Suits may not be able to shift a Marine squad, but add thirty Firewarriors and things look a lot more promising!
Finally, never let the enemy assault you out of cover. The Tau have poor initiative, so need the aid of cover to let them inflict maximum damage in melee. A Tau unit assaulted in the open is as good as dead, so do not let it happen.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Tau in cityfight...

a perfect post! Thanx! i will think about this when i play cityfight
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Default Re: Tau in cityfight...

vey good info will the suit have to take a dangerous terrain test if it moves on it assault phase whil on a building?
Tau wins 38 tie 2 lost 8

Death Guard win 13 tie 0 lost 2

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Default Re: Tau in cityfight...

no, the charge into close combat is on foot, so only a difficult terrain test is necessary.
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Default Re: Tau in cityfight...

Originally Posted by Khaldun
no, the charge into close combat is on foot, so only a difficult terrain test is necessary.
no but there not assaulting just moveing in there assault phase ?
Tau wins 38 tie 2 lost 8

Death Guard win 13 tie 0 lost 2

dark eldar wins 5 tie 0 lost 1
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Default Re: Tau in cityfight...

The assault phase Tau Jet Pack move is always made like a model with a jump pack <<< codex.

Its hard to be endangered by terrain you're flying over. If you snoop around the GW sites you should be able to find a battle report of Tau humiliatingly crushing a Salamander army - even after loosing the Shas'O on the first turn. It showed the way Tau should Cityfight - Kroot sneaking around, gun drones and suits hopping in and out of cover, no tanks or broadsides, lots of very mobile infantry.
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Default Re: Tau in cityfight...

Maybe someone can clarify that, but is it true that all of the kroot special rules apply to cityfight. If they do, what page does and where? Someone was arguing it with me and i just know that that is what i was told, ive never actually seen it anywhere.
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