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Facing Space Marines
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Facing Space Marines

I'm confused. Marines are fearless. Here's what I think that means. If below 50% they do not need to pass a moral check to regroup. BUT they still have to retreat. Therefore they can still suffer from being reduced to below 50% strength in the way firewarriors will. Could someone layout the math for the moral & leadership checks for me? I kinda want to know just how hard I have to hit them to make them curl up in their little metallic shells and wimper. What about the math for pinning tests (via gun drones)?
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Default Re: Facing Space Marines

Make sure you understand the difference between "fearless" and "And They Shall Know No Fear". Confusing, but different rules. Okay, Space Marines must take a leadership check from suffering 25% casualties in the shooting phase, just like everyone else. They also suffer -1 to the leadership if reduced to below 50% of their starting numbers, just like everyone else. Normally, units that are below 50% are not allowed to test to regroup. Space Marines are.

In addition, Space Marines will automatically pass any tests to regroup. The important thing to note is that sometimes they will not be allowed to take the test, such as when enemy models are within 6" or they are not in coherency. In these cases, the Space Marines cannot regroup and must keep falling back. They also don't automatically count as moving when they regroup, as if Marines didn't already get enough fluff perks.

With the 4th edition codex, you can often very high leadership across the board due to the Commander's beardy special ability. This means that you normally have either a 3/36 (Master), a 6/36 (Captain) or a 10/36 (normal marines) chance of breaking a squad from 25% shooting. These are also the chances you have to pin a unit, assuming you can wound nd get through their armor with a pinning weapon. I wouldn't count on pinning Space Marines. It is very rare, and relies on particularly bad rolling by your opponent.

If you can reduce the unit below 50% and there is no commander on the table, your odds get slightly better, at 15/36.

In general, you shouldn't rely too much on morale failures when facing Marines. It is nice when they happen, but even one or two marines can do damage, and their special rules keep them in the fight when any other unit would have fled. Taking a unit below 50% keeps it from being a scoring unit, and that is what you should focus on when prioritizing targets (after dealing with immediate threats).
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