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I pownzor u all!
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Default I pownzor u all!

The local tournament has begun, and I have won all my battles. ;D
Still 3 fights to go, but i'm confident that it will all be allright.
The first 3 battles were against:
1. Black Templars...tough, but one marine survived in the end. 83 VP
2.Tyranids...killed em all, owned 5 gaunts in CC...O_o...lost 3 FW though. 370 VP
3. Eldar...Blasted all 3 vypers in round 1, killed the guardians in round 2. 341 VP
The three remaining battles is against SM, Imperial Guard and Tau(god forbid)

This list rox:
2x Crisis (1xFB+MP+MT)(1xTw.l.MP+TL)
1x Crisis (TW.l.PR+2gun drones)
9x FW bonded
10x FW bonded
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Default Re: I pownzor u all!


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Default Re: I pownzor u all!

You should talk about the list that you used to win in the Calling All Tournament Winners thread...I'm curious to know what kind of tactics you used...

Originally Posted by RCanine
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Default Re: I pownzor u all!

When I login and visit the Tau board I don't want to be seeing such thing's as "I pownzor u all!" in a topic title, or indeed entire posts consisting of 'woot'.

So this topic is locked, partly for it's pointlessness and also I never have to see such ridiculous use of the english language again. After all this isn't MSN and most people come here for intelligent conversations.
Originally Posted by RJay
"Nice guys finish last"
Originally Posted by Tau-killer
Originally Posted by Sir Winston Churchill on 23rd August 1940
Never in the field of human satire were so many made to feel so humble by so much acid wit
GOT IT! Thatís the one. Just sums RJay up perfectly!
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