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Help me with my Gue´vesa defence cadre!
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Default Help me with my Gue´vesa defence cadre!

I have posted this army in the IG forum, but I thought that is was proper to put it here to, since it is a force of the Tau empire. Ideas ans comments are very welcome!

The background is in short that the Tau has re-colonized Syl´Kell and many human leftovers and latter on refugees have been incorporated. Since the pressure on the border increases due to increased Imperial ambitions, ork raids and tyranids, the Tau command asks the humans to take greater responsiblity for the defence of the border.
Fio-scientists has helped the humans on Syl´kell to understand the working of imperial equipment and production lines have been set up to produce Imperial wargear.
At the same time, the taus supplies what ever pulse arms, better armour material and camogear that can be spared.

The result is the Local defence cadres, made up of volunteers with prior military training and/or expirience that spend some of the free-time training. Meanwhile, plans are made to train and equip better and regular forces but the Local defence cadres soon are needed as reinforcement in the entire Syl´Kell sector. The Tau supplies transports to the battle zone and some airlifting capacity.

The Local defence cadre lacks enough veichles and that makes them less flexible than preferable, but they are well motivated with good personal equipment.

Special weapon squads
Iron discipline

Colonel Loman (He is inspired by my platoon commander, I am the vox operator)
Bolter(pulse weapon) , Iron discipline,Machiaran cross (he really deserves that one!)
Master vox, Grenade launcher & two veterans with Bolters (Pulse weapon)
Carapace and Sharpshooters 173
Command vehicle (Chimera) with Heavy bolter, extra armour, smoke launchers and improved coms 108

Special weapon squad
Sniper rifle and 2 grenade launchers, Cameleoline, Carapace, Sharpshooters 109

Local defence platoon
Leutenant Schaller (The other of our platoon commanders, I have not figured out any appropriate character item for him yet)
Bolter, Iron discipline, Missile launcher, Medic, Vox 110
Carapace & Sharpshooter

1th Squad
Vet.Sergeant, vox heavy bolter, meltagun, Carapace and Sharpshooters 116

2nd Squad
Vet.Sergeant, vox heavy bolter, meltagun, Carapace and Sharpshooters 116

Rapid reaction team (armoured fist squad)
Vet.Sergeant with Pulse weapon (Bolter), vox, Missile launcher and grenade launcher
Carapace and Sharpshooter 120
Chimeria Multi-las, Heavy bolter, Heavy stubber, Extra armour, H-K missile, Rough terrain modificator, Smoke launcher and Track guards.

982 points planned so far
I have deliberatly souped up the Chimera, since it seem appropriate with the tau focus on technology and quality over numbers.

I will add some Kroot mercenaries to the force that will also supply a Kill-team, and more Gue´vesas.

Now help me, I want to have a planned 1500 point force so I can focus on when collecting so I do not start spending my money on stuff that ends up unused. I cannot afford that.

I want a kroot Seer council and a Headhunter kindred, planning to spend about 250 points on them.

What to do with rest of the points? Fluff is important.
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Default Re: Help me with my Gue´vesa defence cadre!

I love your fluff as I'm a firm believer in the stuff, makes 40K SO much more fun.

However, this is essentially an IG army that has fluff, not a Tau army. As such it doesnt really have any importance here. Kroot Mercenaries are the antithesis of the Kroot that serve the Tau Empire for a start.

The actual IG list is very fluffy and not very effective. It's up to you to strike a balance if you want it or leave it as it is, very fluffy. If you want advice on making it more competitive just say here or PM me and I'll help you out
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Default Re: Help me with my Gue´vesa defence cadre!

Don't post duplicate topics of any kind please.
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