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Tactical help plz
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Old 14 Jun 2005, 21:45   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tactical help plz

I have a combat patrol match coming up, against SM.
My opponent has 2 squads og marines, armed with bolters and rocket launchers, and one commander.
My army consists of:

1x Stalthsuit
2x Crisis (1xFB+MP+MT)(1xTw.l.MP+TL)
1x Crisis (TW.l.PR+2gun drones)
8x FW
9x FW bonded

any tips on a battle strategy?
The area will be a bit forested.
(I know I shuld not have the Stealth, but it is a tournament, with a lot of Imperial Guards)
(Kroots I forgot as well, but done is done)
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Default Re: Tactical help plz

Well, SMurfs are probably going to be pretty easy with what I see.
Make sure to take full advantage of your JSJ tactics with your crisis teams.
But What's with your Stealths? Do you mean 1X squads of Stealths, or just one stealth? Because just one stealth is illegal.
Now, the one thing you'll have to watch out for is that rocket launcher, as it'll kill your crisis like lambs to the slaughter. Try to use your FWs and Stealths as distraction while you JSJ behind cover, and take max advantage of your HQ's IC status, as you're opponent wouldn't like to waste his missiles on a FW team if he didn't have to, so he'd probably woud try some various strategies to elemenate it, or move beyond them, while you have free reign to shoot them down.
An especially important note is that you need to separate the SMurfs up. If you can get at least one Tact. Team by itself, then you'll have a greater time taking it down quickly, as there's little your opponent can do about it, as you're going to be much faster than they are.
Try using your battlesuits as a lure to pull part of your opponent's army away from another part, then get them to double-jump quickly to the remaining troops to take them out with combined power of your FWs and anything you left behind.
Be really wary of anything S8+ though, as it'll be the bane of your crisis.
The rockets, though, aren't a big deal with your FWs, if you keep them spread apart. Even though they can use their own "submunition" shots, if your FWs are spread apart, at the max of their coherency, then there'll be few casualties that can occur with each shot, as there'll be few models under the blast template.
So, did that help ^_^?
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Default Re: Tactical help plz

Yes, thanks. It did.
And the stealth was a slip of mind...
Ill throw in some extra Fw's instead
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