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kroot and their usefulness
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Default kroot and their usefulness

kroot most of us mech player just laugh at them when we see them on the board but iam here to change that here is just a list the uses thsy excel at

1)holding objectives it becomes even better in forest as you go to ground you get a 2+ save due to field craft. which means your opponents have to full scale attack them which lets u can buy time for your troops to move into position and kill the bad guys

2)against necrons kroots will averagely take out 5 necrons in one go thats a lot of points gone for a necron player not to mention they are taken normally in tens so ld5 for them if you are using hounds even better you can kill them all in a sweeping advance

3)killing off the left overs after shooting at a bunch of marines with one squad of firewarriors they will have 8 left. you assult with kroots. averagely they take out 3 but in return u deal 4-5 wounds that will kill them.

4)they excel at turning heavy guard teams to fish food with in filtrate.put them 12 inches away assault them on first turn those guards man are good as dead as long as you get first turn. if not keep in reserve and use ninja tau against them

5)softening termie with thunder hammers on average these guys would kill 2.5 termies and return you take 2.5 back in a long then you do 1.4 next round and they return 0.833 back so let me ask you who would mostlikely win

over all make cheap infantry choice and still be able to function very well sure they may never be the best but thats where your firewarriors provide support to covering fire on the bad guys while your kroot move in and beat them with their sticks
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Default Re: kroot and their usefulness

I have a unit of 12 + 8 hounds that I always keep in reserve, either flank or baseline depending on opponent's layout. They come on right next to a target unit & immediately assault. Quite effective against many units, though I favour assault marines (6 or less for the win) - the bane of many Tau armies (inc. mine!) I gather.
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Default Re: kroot and their usefulness

Your spelling makes me want to cry.

When mathhammering, it's traditional to state what you're starting with. For example...10 kroot, 3a each on the charge, so an average of 15 hits on those termies, average of 7.5wounds. This results in 1.25 wounds on average against termies. Clearly, you did your calculation with 20kroot, assuming you get the charge, and they all get in. It also assumes a pure thunderhammer unit. Any claws are going to tear you up.

Also, the "deploy 12" away from guard via infiltrate, first turn charge" is illegal. First, even when deploying out of LOS, you need to deploy OVER 12" away. You can only possibly move 6 and charge 6, since you lack fleet. In practice, anything that blocks LOS also tends to make you move further.

Don't get me wrong...kroot aren't bad. This assessment of them, however, is.
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Default Re: kroot and their usefulness

Kroot are a confusing troop choice. You get a decent amount of close combat attacks with an extremely fragile fighter. The only way to supplement their shortcomings is with Hounds, who are only good in a close combat situation.

My suggestion? Don't use them...or use them! It's really up to you and your own style of playing the game. I've used my Kroot once and they failed me miserably. Now they sit unpainted in a plastic container collecting dust, patiently awaiting a useful Codex update.
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Default Re: kroot and their usefulness

I think that the problem that people run into with kroot is that they don't want to commit. It takes a decent amount of points to be successful with kroot. I haven't had a lot of success with kroot myself unless they are in squads of about 20 or more. Also outflank them. If you look at their statlines you will also find that they are basically better guardsmen for cheaper. They don't have armor saves, but then again guardsmen almost never get to use their saves anyways. In addition, if you are lucky enough to play on boards with woods they become almost indestructible. Kroot offer a horde army option to an otherwise elite army.
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Default Re: kroot and their usefulness

i use my squad of 15 kroot and one shaper to take out light enemy infantry. The problem is that their t 3 and optional 6+ armour save make them an easy target for light infantry shooting :'(
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Default Re: kroot and their usefulness

I use my kroot for a cheap points distraction allowing the rest of my army get into range to fire
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Default Re: kroot and their usefulness

I am starting not to like the kroot but my 10 man squad actually did some good one game.

The deployment was dawn of war and I deployed first so what did I do? Placed the kroot in a line 2 inches apart across the border 24 inches away from my border edge. So I had the rest of my army coming in at full speed while the max he could do was 6 inches. They were later shot to bits but hey it was an awsome move if I do say so myself ;D "haha"
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: kroot and their usefulness

Mandalorian i am not surprised you hate kroot if you only ever field 10. I have 16 and sometimes wish for more. . . Mind you my kroot always seem to fail leadership tests and with twenty of them only five would have to be killed before our carnivourus friends start to run away as fast as their little clawed feet can take them. oh well.
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Default Re: kroot and their usefulness

haha yes I do understand that kroot work well in numbers and yes I do need more to actually make them work but for a close combat unit that they claim to be they just aren't that good at it. I am not saying them aren't good because hell yes they are with 75+ attacks against a powerfist termie squad but not against like a tyranid warrior or a striking scorpion squad.
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