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protecting those markerlights pathfinders
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Default protecting those markerlights pathfinders

peoples please tell me how to protect my finders from enemy fire while be able to still use them and avoid cause they get fried by my 3rd turn
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Default Re: protecting those markerlights pathfinders

shas`el, gundrones, shas ui gundrones
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Default Re: protecting those markerlights pathfinders

Anyone who plays regularly against Tau knows that you must kill the markerlights to make decent headway against the army. Normally! (Because I know Tau players that win without lights. I am one of them. I use a pathfinder squad as a focus for the enemy as I destroy key units with the rest of my army.)

I have seen the Shas' El join the squad and bring in a few shield drones. Give him Irridium Armor and a shield generator and he will soak up a nice amount of shots for the unit. A multiwound terminator (Ok, I know I am dreaming here.) to stand in front and keep the unit safe.

Secondly, put the unit into cover at all times. If you need to work out in the open, use a Devilfish and park in front of the unit. They will get a +4 cover save and if the enemy is silly enough to fire at the Fish, it has it's own save. Cover is not the best of options, but it is cheap on the points.

The third option I can think of is to not rely on the pathfinders as much. A Skyray holds two lights and is not easy to destroy. A Shas' Ui can hold one and lead each Fire Warrior team. A Sniper Team holds one, but I think that snipers have other uses, like area denial. Some forge world models have them, but I am not getting into that. (Though I love my sensor towers)

All in all, my strategy is to let them die. I use them as a means to a victory. I know, not very fluffish for the Tau, but HEY! They signed up to be the most feared unit in the galaxy!! If they survive, it is good, but I expect to have to replace them. Maybe spreading out the lights like I do is the best of options.
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Default Re: protecting those markerlights pathfinders

Well, as mentioned, rule #1 is to keep them in cover. There are just too many things out there that can bypass a 4+ armor save. By itself, though, that's not enough. It doesn't take very many hits, even when you're getting cover saves, to force a morale check or reduce the squad to where they're not as effective as they need to be. The other thing you can do is use their scout move to get them positioned at the optimal range from most of the bad guys: between 24 and 36 inches. This will at least keep you from taking fire from basic weapons like bolters. You will still take fire from heavy bolters and worse, but at least those guns have to decide whether they're going to go after pathfinders or the tanks and battlesuits.

My favorite way to keep the little guys alive, which has been working amazingly well for me, is to attach a shield-drone-equipped commander to the squad. In most games I attach both of them, forcing my opponent to get through 6 saves of 3+ or better before actually taking down a markerlight. Load up on the protective wargear like Stim Injectors and Iridium Armor, and make at least one of the commanders a Shas'O. That gives you one more wound and makes the squad Leadership 10 for the morale checks you'll take when they start really taking a beating. If two commanders is not excessive enough you can give the pathfinder shas'ui a pair of gun drones for 2 more ablative wounds. Of course this is a ridiculously large squad, so you need to be absolutely sure that the enemy can't get them in an assault and sweeping advance.
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Default Re: protecting those markerlights pathfinders

Pathfinders do attract a lot of attention. My trick to keeping them alive has generally been to deploy second. Honestly it works pretty well. If I know my opponent has a lot of long range weapons that can reach my pathfinders in a hurry I'll deploy just outside of their range. My opponent will usually misjudge the distance and try to shoot that turn. After they realize they're out of range they spend the next turn moving those weapons and usually cant fire. which moves them into the range of the marker lights. At which point I can target them and possibly neutralize the threat without taking a shot. It's not perfect, but it works sometimes. I do it a lot and it usually works out ok.

Keeping in mind that this tactic only works on opponents who are using infantry based heavy weapons to target your pathfinders. Against vehicle based threats, or assault troops there are different tactics. I'll go over them in depth later when I'm not at work.

The biggest threat to pathinders are deepstriking units honestly.
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