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Multi-Unit Disembarking
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Default Multi-Unit Disembarking

Hi all,

So, the previous game I played against my bro's Tau army (I won! :P) resulted in a couple of questions in regards to Devilfish. The fact that they transport two units instead of one is... unique. I checked GW's FAQ which answered most of my questions, but I still have one more:

Must the Drones and FW/PFs be disembarked in the same turn? Or can one be left inside the transport and only the other deploy, if so desired?

Leading on from this, is it possible to deploy both in the same turn, but not at the same time. For example, doing all of this in a single move phase:

- Devilfish deploys Fire Warriors, following the respective rules for disembarking from an immobile transport.
- Devilfish and Fire Warriors move as normal, as per the above rules
- Devilfish deploys Drones at new position, following the rules for deploying from a transport which moved (ergo, deployed unit can't move further that turn)

Is this legal? It seemed plausible to us. :-X

Thanks, guys.
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Default Re: Multi-Unit Disembarking

I don't think of the drones as disembarking, just as detaching
Codex says they are only treated as passengers when the vehicle is being damaged, if that helps
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Default Re: Multi-Unit Disembarking

Yeah, the rules for drones on Tau vehicles are screwy. They are treated like passengers in most respects (as in "can't be killed by Weapon Destroyed results), but they're not mixed with regular passengers. Any time the passengers are allowed to disembark so are the drones, and vice versa. They don't have to disembark together, though. It would be nice if the drones could join the fire warrior squad when they got out or something, but that's not allowed.
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Default Re: Multi-Unit Disembarking

Yeah, you got it right. The Drones and Firewarriors are treated seperately.

Actually, it's almost as if they're in different vehicles; one open topped (for the Drones) and the other a normal transport (Firewarriors).

It just happens to be the same one for damage purposes (shaken, immob., explodes, etc.).
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Default Re: Multi-Unit Disembarking

Alright, thanks guys.

Yeah, I was disappointed with the Tau codex as I browsed it looking for answers; the rules for the treatment of Drones are all over the place rather than one spot and it never really addressed how the Drones work in regards to being transported, as in the rulebook it only gives rules for carrying a SINGLE unit, as that is all that is legal for the vast majority of tanks. Hopefully the 5th ed dex makes things more easily understandable, rather than requiring three different codex pages, a FAQ, and an internet forum. :P

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