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What would you add?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default What would you add?

I posted this in my intro topic, but I'd like some more input.

I just (just) got into W40K (other than Dawn of War, which we won't count). Tau is absolutely my army, and I got a really sweet deal on a used army. Here's what I have:

1x XV-8 commander
1x Ethereal (looks pretty even if he's useless)
4x stealthsuits
4x crisis suits
1x broadside
23x Fire Warriors (no idea what happened to the 24th)
10x Kroot
1x Krootox (probably won't use him, but he looks pretty sweet)
1x railhead
1x devilfish
12x gun drones

So here's my conundrum: what should I add to my army that I can actually assemble and paint myself? There's still some unpainted models, and I'm planning to strip and re-paint at least the Kroot, but obviously I don't want to be stuck with just a single stock army!

Points to keep in mind:
1.) I am unlikely to be playing many games over about 750 points (maybe occasionally, but still my focus is on small, point-skimpy armies)
2.) The armies I am most likely to be up against are Eldar, Tyranid, Necron, and Daemons.

Basically I'm asking, what are the glaring holes in my new army that could be filled with shiny new models?
Thank you!
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Default Re: What would you add?

If you're going to be playing small 750ish points games, you're going to have trouble squeezing in a lot of the bigger units... The last 750 point game I played contained everything you have there, but you can never go wrong with more crisis suits, maybe another squad of fire warriors so you could throw down 3 x 10 man fire warriors or something.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: What would you add?

i would suggest another hammerhead. these are brutal and every tau army needs at least two
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Default Re: What would you add?

Probably you'll want to take minimal troops choices (2 groups of 6 firewarriors, maybe 1 with the devilfish), and max your points on the railhead and the crisis suits. If you're playing 5th edition rules, you'll want to be careful to protect your firewarriors since they'll be the only objective holding units you will have.

You need to be sure you use magnets to mount weapons on the crisis suits. Because of the armies you'll be facing, you will need wide variability of weapons systems in order to be effective. Against the Necrons, you'll want the heavier weapons, but against the Tyranids, for example, flamers might be more effective.

Playing 750-point games, you probably really don't need to BUY anything else, you just need to set up some army lists, play a few games, and get a feel for your playstyle and what your army lacks. Bear in mind that you might lack different things against different armies.
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