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Tactics against Chaos
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Default Tactics against Chaos

I play in a heavily infested Chaos area and I need more tactics besides shoot and do it often.

My usual list runs
Aurora 'el
Deathrain 'el
2 Fireknives
2 Helios
6 stealths bonded with fusion
2 x 9 Firewarriors, bonded and mounted
8 Firewarrior squad, bonded and mounted
10 kroot
2 fusion piranhas
9 Vespid
2 Railheads with burst
2 broadsides with SMS and 1 shield drone each

Any suggestions. rails break down the rhinos along with the deathrain. The rest of the crisis shoot Chaos SMurfs along with the Vespid. I have only played the new Chaos once so is there anything I should be on the look out for or cheese tactics they enjoy. anything would be great

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Default Re: Tactics against Chaos

I cant say there really is that much cheese in the new chaos dex in comparison to their old dex. Yes a lash is annoying, but it, like most chaos marine tactics are rather strait forward.

Lets see here.

You could try the old, up close and personal force.

Using stealthsuits to skirmish a flank, and attacking from everyside at once. The problem is, you cant really avoid the shooting them up....they are marine equivalent, anything short of ap 3, is relying on force of numbered wounds.


On Chaos, the banners they carry influence their basic squads, and elite squads. They pay a small premium but it can upgrade toughness, attacks, and make them nigh unbreakable in ld tests. They serve a second purpose for Daemons and Terminators. Anyone carrying these is a potential reinforcing spot, since it literally acts as a personal homer.

The thing is though, Chaos does its work best up close and personal. Most of their weapons are geared for mid range bouts. The heavy support that it fields is easy to follow, and pretty killable if you know how.

The troops it fields are rather expensive to boot. The ones you may not have as much trouble with now, will be plague marines, since plasma negates their feel no pain

otherwise the methods for killing the marines are rather strait forward.

be on the lookout for obliterators. They are cheeky little broadsides so to speak. They are antiinfantry, and has a mediocre effececiency for tanks, granted though its a nice str shot.
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Default Re: Tactics against Chaos

Max out your fire warriors, bring some broadsides to bust Rhinos and Land Raiders. Once the meat is out of the can, hammer it with unreasonable ammounts of Pulse fire.
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