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Adverting Lictor Disaster?
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Old 10 Jun 2005, 18:46   #1 (permalink)
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Default Adverting Lictor Disaster?

Will this formation protect my HQ from a lictor deployment, and buy me time to take up position to destroy it later?

o = Drones
L = Lictor
H = Crisis Commander
Line = Cover

_______ o o
o o
o H o
o o

If I keep the drones/warriors in coherency in a ring around the commander, and if I maintain the "1 inch bubble", will be able to deploy and assault the HQ? Or will he be forced to go after another target? (Ideal.)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Adverting Lictor Disaster?

Lictors are the bane of Tau strategery. They can easily cost you the game by simply rolling a successful reserves roll. They are capable of deepstriking over a terrain, moving, AND assaulting in the same turn. But don't worry, they aren't TOO ripped that a squad of rapid firing Tau cannot kill it, if he cannot assault you....

1) Do not hide behind cover
2) Infiltrate Kroot into cover that you want to hide behind- I beleive that Lictors now use the deepstrike rules, with the exception that they must be placed in cover. This means that they cannot DS within 1" of an enemy model or else they will immediately die.

Sorry to go off topic, but I do not know the answer to your question.. Just have other ideas to stop lictorses...

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Default Re: Adverting Lictor Disaster?

If I was a nid player I wouldn't waste my time by dropping a lictor on your commander, I would hope to keep one in reserve to spook your suits away from cover. But if I was going to drop a lictor it would be in your firewarriors, an xv-8 could actually do some damage to my lictor, while wimpy firewarriors will die in droves.

Strictly speaking, you might want to use a half circle because what will the drones behind you protect against ?
It might be cheaper to give your Hq a drone controller and two drones, and deny CC attacks by allowing him to kill all models in base contact. Save the drone squad to shield your fire warriors.
In some of my posts I may mention my feelings, opinions, and/or some facts about various armies. These comments are in no way meant to hurt or insult any quality players, with well planned (sometimes painted) armies. The quality of "Cheese" is limited to the specific individual and can only be enhanced/diminished by any imbalance due to game design, codex creep, or by not having a new codex for eight years. Any posted comments are not intended for any army as a whole.
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