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Railgunparts in Skyray?
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Default Railgunparts in Skyray?

1) Is is true that the skyray box contains all the parts in a hammerhead box PLUS the skyray turret?

2) If the above is the case, why does GW have equal pricing for both?

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Default Re: Railgunparts in Skyray?

question 1 yes

question 2 shhhhhhhhhhh <be very very quiet> dey listening to our internetz. Maybe its for aesthetic appeal, or they have too many hammerheads boxes to get rid of.

I cant honestly say.
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Default Re: Railgunparts in Skyray?

may be because sky rays have the option of smart missiles and double burst cannons
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Default Re: Railgunparts in Skyray?

Hammerhead sprue was designed before Sky Ray. Since the 'head sprue contains parts which are needed for Sky Ray, it is simpler for GW simply to pack HH sprue to Sky Ray box than to make a separate one for burst cannons and SMS. As to why HH's are still sold separately - probably to avoid confusion with customers who only want a Hammerhead.
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Default Re: Railgunparts in Skyray?

There is literally no reason to make a hammerhead and a skyray box as two separate boxes. All of the pieces contained to make a hammerhead are in the skyray box. Additionally the hammerhead and skyray turrets are interchangeable as long as you dont glue the turrets on. I'm hoping that for GW's sake they just condense it into one box when they redo the Tau.
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