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Kroot Shaper
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Default TL-Flamers

I had got AoBR a few weeks ago and I've been reading the rule book (I play Tau) and flamers auto hit, so you only roll to wound with a flamer. So what is the point in TL your flamers? It would have no effect on the game.

The rule book( from AoBR) states Twin-linked pg 31 " A set of twin-linked weapons count as a single weapon of that type, but to represent their fusillade of fire you may re-roll the dice to hit if you miss"
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Default Re: TL-Flamers

Read a little further down.
Pg. 31, Heading: Twin-linked, Sub-heading: Twin-linked template weapons:
Re-roll the dice to wound, against vehicles re-roll armour penetration.

i actually like to run a one or two monat TL Flamer suit(s) with a fusion blaster for some fun with deepstriking. Cheap, effective, and a good little throwaway for Ninja Tau.
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Default Re: TL-Flamers

twin linked flamers, in triples, can have alot of fun with marines, and orks! especially orks!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: TL-Flamers

and guard dont like them much either
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Default Re: TL-Flamers

The question has been answered.

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