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Some Basic Questions (Markerlights, TL, & Multi-Tracker)
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Some Basic Questions (Markerlights, TL, & Multi-Tracker)

1.) Lets say I have a squad of pathfinders with Markerlights and Multi-tracker. Does this mean that I can shoot the markerlights at a squad of SMs and my carbines as well?

2.) Lets say my pathfinders shoot markerlights at a SM squad and they hit. I have 2 squads of FWs in shooting range. Can both of those squads shoot at the lit SM squad and benefit from the markerlights or only one?

3.) Can you give me an example on how to use TL? I don't quite understand it.

I know I'm new to the forums but I've looked through numerous threads about these topics and I'm still not crystal clear on the rules. Thanks.
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Default Re: Some Basic Questions (Markerlights, TL, & Multi-Tracker)

1) Only one of them, the team leader, can have a HW Multitracker. He may then shoot at the same unit with both his weapons - Markerlight and Pulse Carbine.

2) Any number of units can use the Markerlight tokens, however 1 token = 1 effect from the table. Each token is expended after it is used. If you get 4 tokens on a Space Marines unit, both your Fire Warrior teams may use 2 of them each to improve their BS (or any other effect, using any number of available tokens).

3) What do you mean by TL? Target Lock? If so then it allows the models equipped with it to fire at a different target than the rest of his unit. For instance a Fire Warrior team fires at some enemy infantry, while the team leader with a HW Target Lock paints an enemy vehicle and requests a Seeker Missile from a friendly vehicle carrying it. If you mean Twin-Linked it is clearly decribed in the main rulebook.
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Default Re: Some Basic Questions (Markerlights, TL, & Multi-Tracker)

1.) Only the model with the Multi-tracker may fire both its weapons at the same target, the rest of the team can only fire one each.

2.) Only one team may benefit from each Markerlight hit, so as long as you have at least 2 hits, both teams can benefit from Markerlights (say if there were 3 hits, one of the teams could raise their BS to 4 while the other could raise it to 5).

3.) Let's say you have a Pathfinder Team of 8, featuring a Shas'ui equipped with a Hard-wired Target Lock, 3 with Rail Rifles & Target Locks & the remaining 4 with Carbines & Markerlights.

Across the table in line of sight, out of Cover & within range are a squad of Scouts, a Tactical Squad with a Missile Launcher, & a Librarian (who has not joined any of the squads).

Every member of the team without Target Locks must fire at the same target as each other. However, every member with them may fire at different targets. You must declare what each member of the team is shooting at (pretty certain yo have to, correct me if I'm wrong), so you say the Shas'ui is firing his Markerlight at the Librarian, 2 of the Rail Riflers are firing at the Tactical squad while the other is firing at the Librarian, & the rest of the team is shooting their Markerlights at the Scouts.

You then proceed to carry out the rest of the shooting as normal (you don't have to roll at the targets in any specific order).
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Default Re: Some Basic Questions (Markerlights, TL, & Multi-Tracker)

Awesome! Thank you for clearing that up for me.
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