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Tau+Tyranid Tourney
Old 21 May 2009, 21:39   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tau+Tyranid Tourney

Hey my brother just recently bought some tyranid and is getting into the game while i play tau, and i was just wondering if a tau and tyranid army would be effective in a doubles tournament.
I was thinking about the different races and how the tyranids could possibly work well with the tau because they are an insane cc army.
Just wondering what you guys think and what would the best combinations of the two would be? Like maybe a mech tau army paired with a swarm tyranid army.
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Old 22 May 2009, 01:02   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau+Tyranid Tourney

If you really wanted to be an unstoppable team, take a fully mechanized force and have him take a nidzilla force. No one has that much anti-tank.
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Default Re: Tau+Tyranid Tourney

i reackon that if you used the right tactics then it would be a very difficult team to destroy

and if it;s a capture and hold match then let him swarm the objectives while you pick of anything that's holding the other ones
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Old 23 May 2009, 19:26   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau+Tyranid Tourney

Imagine trying to come up with enough fluff to justify that matchup, though :-\...*shudder*
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Default Re: Tau+Tyranid Tourney

Whem My tau play alongside my friend nid, it's usually Hybrid and Swarm. It,s a great combo.

Fluffwise, we don,t bother :P
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Default Re: Tau+Tyranid Tourney

Originally Posted by monocleman
Imagine trying to come up with enough fluff to justify that matchup, though :-\...*shudder*
I hate to disagree but. . . :P
I think Tau experimenting with using a tyranid geneseed for the greater good could make for awsum fluff
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Old 24 May 2009, 05:04   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau+Tyranid Tourney

On one side, if you minimize Syanapse, you can easily justify the fluff as they're using xeno-beasts as hunting dogs ala Kroot. Otherwise, they're using a Tyrannid invasion as cover to secure a vital piece of tech or individual.
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Default Re: Tau+Tyranid Tourney

Hmmmm... Actually i really like the idea of the tau experimenting with a geneseed, even better perhaps Farsight is experimenting with them
That could kinda make sense though perhaps his troops were dwindling so he captured a geneseed to bolster his forces
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Default Re: Tau+Tyranid Tourney

or even better yet the tau did the same thing to the tyrannids as they did to the vespid, mind control. I can see the conversion now.. a winged tyrrandid with a giant communion help carrying a railgun like a pulse rifle.
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Default Re: Tau+Tyranid Tourney

This just reminded me of something from my old Local GW - Brighton. There was a kid there who had a Carnifex with a fire warrior put on top of it, that would be a nice conversion for this list.

Tau and Tyranids on the same team.... Well, surely Tyranids don't side with anyone, but you will need to come up with some good fluff to justify it.
If used correctly, Tau and Tyranids can be an unstoppable team.
I have used this combination at our 40k club, it was 2000 points, and we only lost a handful of models against SM and Guard.

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