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Tau TL weapon on models?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tau TL weapon on models?

Hi guys,

I tried to google and I could not find any information about Tau TL weapon view in WK40, I know that WYSIWYG rule but how do you do it?

Do you convert every model or use 2 weapons and tell your opponent that this model is using a TL weapon?

I'm a bit confused :-)
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Default Re: Tau TL weapon on models?

Simply putting 2 of the same weapon on a Crisis suit will do just fine.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau TL weapon on models?

If you're using XV8-88's w/ TL'd weapons, both weapons must be represented on the model. So, for example, a model w/ TL'd plasma rifles would have to have 2 PR's somewhere on the model. Which means that if you have a whole squad w/ TL'd weapons, all the models would have to have 2 of the same weapon's on the model, tho each could take a different weapon system. Hence the WYSIWYG rule.

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Default Re: Tau TL weapon on models?

Basically I guess you are asking about XV-8s?

On suits, to show you are Twin Linking them, mount two weapons of the type you wish to TL on the suit. If you wish to get fancy, you can custom create a twin barrel weapon.

For most players, I advise that you use magnets and just put one weapon on each arm.

Edit: Darn it Gorin and Sunscreen, you guys beat me to it! =)
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Default Re: Tau TL weapon on models?

If you are lacking the bits the model all your units, you can easily buy them individually at places like this:

[WIP] D&D Game models (Last Upate: 6/22/2010)
[WIP] Desert Themed Tau Army (Last Upate: 3/4/2010)
Modeling Marker Lights
Desert Base Tutorial
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