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Resources for Tau information
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Default Resources for Tau information

Hi there. My question is two fold. Before I begin with my questions, let me mention that I read the sticky that reviews all the forgeworld Tau figures, but it was written in 2005 so I was unsure if it was still correct.

What books by forgeworld include Tau figures? From what I could gather from the site the IA3, the FW apoc and the 2006 update all have Tau figures. But is the update actually an update, or does it predate IA3?

If I wanted to start reading Tau fiction, are there any novels that include them?

Cheers, and thanks in advance
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Default Re: Resources for Tau information

1. The 2002 Update has some tau tau stuff in it too but most of its are outdated. Actually i believe technically they all are outdated because none of the books where for 5th edition, but thats a technicality because they are all generally accepted regardless.

2. The only book i know of thats tau centric is Firewarrior by Simon Spurrier
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Default Re: Resources for Tau information

Imperial Armour Volume 3: The Taros Campaign
Imperial Armour Apocalypse
Apocalypse book
Codex: Tau Empire
Games Workshop website

Thats all of the places I can think of rules wise...

Lit. wise... Their is the book Firewarrior, and they are in one of the Gaunts Goasts books IIRC (sorry 'bout spelling, heads not working too well ATM)
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Default Re: Resources for Tau information

Buy IA:3 it is pretty much the all inclusive tau tactical guide to the universe, has (almost) all of the Tau weapons and vehicles that exist in the game and is very much oriented to the Tau player. the Tau Codex is good (good being a relative term) but not great, and nothing like the quality or quantity of IA:3. there is nothing in IA: update 2006 that is not also in IA:A (to my recollection) and IA:A is alright (I don't like it because you pretty much need IA:3 to use it) for the cost, if all you want is the vehicles and rules. IA:3 is a definite fluff book
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Default Re: Resources for Tau information

For Forge World tau you need IA3 and IA: Apocalypse which includes the IA update 2006. IA3 is technically a 3.5 edition tau supplement (done in 3rd ed but with 4th in mind).

Everything found in the IA Update 2002 was retaken in the IA:3, so it's not really worth buying Update 2002
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Default Re: Resources for Tau information

Here is an almost complete compendium of all the Tau rule and fluff available, including White Dwarf issues. To my knowledge, the only thing it is lacking is a reference to the fluff in the 5th edition IG codex - and that's because that fluff is really convoluted.
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