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tank shock?
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Default tank shock?

I've been looking through various postings and see a lot of references to performing 'tank shock' with a Devilfish. Is this possible? I thought only 'tanks' could perform 'tank shock'.
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Default Re: tank shock?

A vehicle can tank shock provided it has the word tank in its vehicle profile. (E.G. Eldar Wave Serpents are Fast TANK, skimmers)
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Default Re: tank shock?

Devilfish is a Skimmer Tank so yes, it can Tank Shock.
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Default Re: tank shock?

And thanks to the word tank we get +1 to the ramming strength, makes it brilliant for ramming things like landspeeders and all dark eldar skimmers. Destroyed three raiders with one of my devilfish once, just by ramming, did better than my hammerhead (which kept missing ). Though it isn't a very Tau like use of a tank...still funny.
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