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Kroot Warrior
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Default How?

I played a 500 point match with Tau against spacemarines.* I have the battlebox/chest/thing....

so 3 crisis suits
12 firewarriors
10 gundrones
12 kroot

he has more range then me with missles so i cant wait him out, how do I fight him?

he has dreadnought and some marines, several with missle launchers
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Default To battle!

In matches of this size, it is very much a careful game of maneuver.

First off, have plent of terrain on the board; with good placement of ruins, forests, and other line-of-sight (LOS) blocking cover around, you should have what you need to advance towards him and try to get some shots in.

Next, keep aware of the "hard" portions of his force. (That Dreadnought comes to mind...) The only unit you have that can feasibly counter the Dreadnought are your Crisis suits; the Dread has to be their primary focus, until it is no longer a concern. (This can mean destroyed, weaponless, or immobilized and out of sight of your units). Once that is done, the Suits can switch over to anti-Marine duties. Remember their mobility! Don't forget to use it!

Finally, Gun Drones, Fire Warriors, and Kroot. If the table allows, I'd suggest trying to envelop one flank of his army at a time. See if he's placed any of his units where they can't be supported by their fellows, whether through CC-charging or firing on enemy units near them. If you can find such a weak link, *hammer* it into the ground with combined arms firepower. If he's crafty (or lucky) enough not to have that problem, then you'll have to force one by whatever means you can. (A lure unit of Kroot, waiting until you can pounce on the unit charging for the objective, etc.)

Again, remember your mobility! In this size game, your Drones and Suits are *the* fastest things on the board. Use them with a magnificent malevolence, and slice his SMurfs to pieces!

Key note: Remember to have the proper amount of terrain, and the proper size board. (4x4 for very small games, I think?) That should help narrow the range troubles a bit.

Good luck, and Cheers!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: How?

A few key points:
1) In such a small battle, your Firewarriors will be weak alone. Do not leave them alone in any circumstance. Use them to support your Crisis Suits, and use your Crisis Suits to support them.
2) Kroot, in such small numbers, are not great for spearheading an assault. In such circumstances I suggest that you find a nice forest and infiltrate them into it. If there are no choice forests to deploy into, then infiltrate them to hold an objective/table quarter. Use them as a pillbox. Keep them in cover, and shoot! If nothing else, the SMs will have to divert some of their forces to take them out. Remember to keep them fairly spread out, though, as the SMs have frag missiles which will ignore cover saves and rip them apart.
3) Crisis suits should not be wasted on the Dreadnaught. Save him for your gun drones (Yes! Gun drones!) Arm them with Plasmas and Missiles, keep them at range, and just shoot. Since you have 3, I suggest splitting them up into three squads. I suggest making one of them atleast a Shas'El. In such a small battle you cannot afford to be missing much! Also, be extremely careful how you place them! If the Marines have lots of missile launchers, then they have a lot of Str8 Ap3 doom. Incase you do not know, one of those will outright kill a Crisis Suit (unless you take a Shield Gen) Be careful not to leave a Crisis Suit in LOS of a SM squad unless you want it to be killed.
4) Gun Drones are one of my favorite units. Why? Immagine the look on your opponants face when you deepstrike a squad of these tiny floating disks of doom behind enemy armour and blow it up! They have 18" Str 5 weapons. Vs. AV 10, this can be devastating. In one game I rolled for reserves, and got my gun drones. When I told my friend that I was going to DS them behind his Russ, he could not stop laughing.... until they blew it up! >

Whatever happens, enjoy your game! I love playing 500 point battles against SMs cause it can be a great challenge. The harder the game I play, the more fun I seem to have. If I lose, well, so what, the odds were against me! But if I win, well now that is quite an accomplishment!

Tell us how it goes!
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