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cheaper broadsides?
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Old 07 Jun 2005, 16:32   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default cheaper broadsides?

does anyone know how to buy particular sprues? I don't think it's available anywhere, but it would rock hardcore to be able to buy just the rail cannons to put on my suits so they could be broadsides....

I found a cool breakdown of the pieces here : http://www.cygnusx1.info/tau/xvbattlesuitparts.asp
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Default Re: cheaper broadsides?

GW sells individual bits through their online store, but you pay a premium when you order them that way. That is the only way I know of to order individual parts.
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Default Re: cheaper broadsides?

I suppose that you could shop around at e-bay or something like that...GW online store is quite expensive to buy single sprues. I believe that it is cheaper to buy the complete model! :
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Default Re: cheaper broadsides?

It is more expensive to buy the single sprues, however if you pop into your local GW you may find they have peices from their 'bitz boxes', or can order things through them. Whatever you want I'm sure you can find it by asking there.

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Default Re: cheaper broadsides?

In 2001 you could order them through the bitz boys, but idk about nowadays.
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Default Re: cheaper broadsides?

Its cheaper to buy the whole model.

Try asking local store's if they would give you a discount. I for example, can get 20% off list price. So, only really pay like $26 for a Broadside.
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Default Re: cheaper broadsides?

Why do you get 20% off? Do you work there? Know the clerks?

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Default Re: cheaper broadsides?

My local gaming store also offers 20% off most GW products. It's not an uncommon occurance.
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Default Re: cheaper broadsides?

Mine offers a slight discount for a local gaming club the run, and also takes a little off of pre-orders.
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Old 08 Jun 2005, 02:02   #10 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: cheaper broadsides?

This is a conversion I was thinking of doing back when I thought having 9 broadsides would be cool. I have six all together and so I donít need any more. Anyhoo hereís the idea:

Buy 1 broadside. Get the FW with binoculars from the devilfish sprue. Using a large base, mount the FW and rig up a weapons platform which houses 2 rail guns and smart missile systems. Then assemble your free crisis suit. You might need to give the FW some extra armor or suspensors (think Ripply in Aliens) so that your opponent doesnít complain about the S, T, or Sv. Values. or use a small "gun crew"

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