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Positional Relay????
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Positional Relay????

How does this Positional Relay work? i have looked it up. but i still don't know how to use it right.Please can any explain it a little better.
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Default Re: Positional Relay????

This should help you: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=82708.0

It is an article on Ninja Tau tactics, where the Positional Relay is explained in great detail.
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Default Re: Positional Relay????

it allows you to sacrifice your normal rolling a dice for each unit in reserves to see if they come in, to roll a single dice and bring a single unit in on a 2+.
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Default Re: Positional Relay????

It's good if you have a single deepstriking unit that just HAS to come into game as early as possible...the points cost of this piece of gear can often be game deciding when your fusion/plas crisis suits land behind the enemy's tanks and start popping his armor as early as turn 2
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Default Re: Positional Relay????

I always end up rolling a "1" on turn 3! >
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