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XV81 - or the one with the SMS
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Default XV81 - or the one with the SMS

So my mate was on forgeworld buying some nurgle bits and I made him put the XV81 on there too for me. I'd never considered it to be useful at all under 4th ed rules but now we have relentless so we can move and fire the SMS.

My problem comes in this, I have no idea on weapons that would compliment the darned thing, I usually use a nice cheap El' with twin missiles and a flamer. So was considering kitting this suit out similar. Are there any suggestions out there on an effective set up for this beautiful battlesuit?
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Default Re: XV81 - or the one with the SMS

Actually, I was considering using a XV-81 as well, going SMS, ABFP, and maybe MP for a mobile indirect fire unit with long range.

0-18" ABFP/SMS 1 large blast, 4 SMS, no LOS needed
18-24" SMS/MP 6 missiles, no LOS needed for 4 shots
24-36" MP Missile pod only.

Should be annoying, especially in a scenario with dense terrain. I wish I could take a squad of three! Just stay out of LOS and snipe.
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