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Quick little question.
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Default Quick little question.

I was wondering when you buy the armour for kroot and the hounds, can you only buy it for the kroot and not the hounds and vice versa?

I don't think i can only buy the armor for only out part of the squad, but always nice to make sure.

[edited] clarified.
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Default Re: Quick little question.

"Kroot carnivore squad" include Kroot, shaper, kroot hound and kroot rider. Any legal combination of these units is a "kroot carnivore squad." And a shaper can give "members" of a carnivore squad a 6+ save. I would say yes, they all get the save.

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Default Re: Quick little question.

You can (well, should) never get the kroot save, as it is not worth its points against any army (even guard, where they can't bypass the save).
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