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tau necklace
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Kroot Warrior
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Default tau necklace

hello folks,

I know that the black library had (a long time ago) several necklaces, one of which was the tau ethereal necklace. I have been looking for the longest time here in the states (Ebay, etc.) and having no luck. BL said to me when I asked them that they are not going to reissue it. Does anyone know where I can get one? Or perhaps another location I can check for it at? Any help would be appreciated!
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Default Re: tau necklace

well they sound pretty awesome so send me a PM if you find anything on them
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Default Re: tau necklace

Ok, I will...if i ever find anything about them ever again! Had no luck on the BL site (again). So, again...if anyone here has any ideas for me...please let me know. Thank you
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