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Hard-wired multi-tracker
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Default Hard-wired multi-tracker

Still very new to both 40k and Tau, so there might be an obvious answer, but here goes: The "Infantry Armoury" lists a "Hard-wired multi-tracker" as wargear. But what effect does that actually have on a infantry unit, since it allows you to fire two battlesuit weapon systems in the same turn?
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Default Re: Hard-wired multi-tracker

It allows the Shas'Ui equipped with a Markerlight to fire it together with his main weapon - either a Pulse Rifle or a Pulse Carbine. However, both weapons must still be fired at the same target.
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Default Re: Hard-wired multi-tracker

Thanks for the quick reply, had been searching for quite some time for what it could be used for.
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Default Re: Hard-wired multi-tracker

Before someone else says something about it, it says that the infantry mounted weapons work just like the suit ones but for infantry, this means either GW but in a useless piece of gear or GW ment that it was supposed to work for infantry. As I dont know of any useless wargear they put in the codex, its safe to assume they ment it works for infantry.

If anyone wants to argue this point, please show me a 4th or 5th ed codex where GW put in a useless piece of wargear and it hasnt been FAQed yet.
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