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Drones and penetrating hits
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Default Drones and penetrating hits

The Tau codex states that Drones are counted as passengers on a devilfish.

The penetrating hits rule states that if a p.hit is scored against a vehicle, passengers must disembark.

Does this then mean that if my fish has a penetrating hit scored against it, the drones dismount?

It seems fairly simple, but i just couldn't quite believe it when i read it last night. Now i'm wondering what the implications might be, as enemies might be able to now force the drones off the fish and kill them off. It may only be 2 extra shots, but still, pinning ability and all that.


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Default Re: Drones and penetrating hits

Heh, it's a grey area that GW seemingly never ruled on.

To follow the letter of the rule though, yes they do pop off and cannot actually re-embark when they do. I believe this was discussed a few weeks ago in another thread.

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Default Re: Drones and penetrating hits

ShadowDeth has the word on that.

Unfortunately, the text states that drones count as passengers if the devilfish is damaged. And 4th edition works as you said, disembarking passengers on a penetrating hit. And then we have that fun rule of not being able to get back onto the devilfish afterwards. It's a bogus mix of rules, but until a FAQ or the 3.5 codex update is done, we're all just in a bind when it happens.

Fortunately, the only time this really should come into the context of your game, is on turn 1. All other turns, as long as your Fish moves 6+ inches (which is should always be doing anyways) means it's only ever glanceable and that keeps you from taking penetrating hits ever--so no problem with the drones. But that first turn, if you weren't moving and you're not obscured to a glance, then a penetrating hit is possible and it is a mess when the drones pop off.

And the two threads that Shadow was referring to are:


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