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How to Represent a Vior'la Army
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Default How to Represent a Vior'la Army

Representing the forces of vior値a on the battlefield
Generally I would see vior値a as mobile with new things not a static army. Multi-trackers are one upgrade I think should be on all vehicles possible in this army. It is a Sept that is very aggressive and has skilled warriors. They are also said to be hot blooded. They also respect and think their famous commander form here commander farsight is awesome. If you like farsight but do not like his restriction you could make a vior値a army.



These can be great and give them a targeting array and some weapons. A hardwired multi-tracker is nice. A Helios here can be nice but I do not see them with as many defensive upgrades like shield generators.

These could make sense seeing them do to all tau on vior値a being aggressive. In fluff I could see it but not really in a way that is even semi-competitive.


Crisis suits
These can be used aggressively deathrains are not really that aggressive so I would not make a deathrain spam vior値a army. Helios battlesuits are definitely aggressive. The jump shot jump and moving forward may help. You could even jump back behind your hammerhead.


Stealthsuits are short ranged with lot of firepower. I see vior値a using these as scouts and other things sneaking up and with deadly force cutting the enemy down.


Fire warriors
Vior値a has a lot of these guys so putting 2 6 man teams in a vior値a army is not really the tau way to do things. Mount them in a devilfish so they can run up and rapid fire. If they are on foot they will need to close with the enemy. Sitting and shooting from 30 inches would rarely if ever be done with them. A bonding knife will help in that they will regroup and not run and in that regrouping they get back a rapid fire on the enemy foes. A shas置i also makes sense. I think at least two squads for a cadre makes for a fluffy cadre and show the high presence of the fire castes. Also I do not see them using markerlights in fire warrior squads as it bogs the whole squad down.

They will use them but probably aggressively. It could make sense to include hounds here. Rapid firing outflanking could make sense here. They can rapid fire then it is good. Krootox again are too static although just seem too heavy. A shaper could be of use for the leadership but generally is a points sink. They would be light to aggressive root out enemies that may be hiding in cover.
Fast Attack

With a fusion blaster this can become an aggressive tank hunter that basically charges and at short range destroys enemy tanks. You can still give it disruption pods to allow it to advance.

These still are effective in focus and while they may be in cover they make your warriors more skilled in the art of death which vior値a also is. They also have carbines for when they need to get close and move. In game use these in combination with your rapid firing fire warriors to bring death on your foe.

Gun drones
These can also be used aggressively and can take down people well with fire. You also can do aggressive close range ambushes or come in and harass the enemy instead of just sitting there. They also can keep up with an aggressive advance. Also the initiative will help if you get assaulted when playing aggressively.

The fire caste will like their speed and agility there close ranged nature can lead them to make aggressive attacks. The deadly firepower will also help. The problem is their rules.
Heavy support.

You will want a hammerheads here with railguns they make the most sense. A targeting array will focus its firepower and make sure it dies.

For the hammerhead these upgrades make a lot of sense. First burst cannons just by putting out more short ranged fire are a lot more aggressive than the stay out of the way smart missile system. Also this will allow you still to move 6 inches and unleash a fury of shots and a pie plate on light infantry. The fast moving can run down blow up things in a more mont談a sort of manner. Disruption pods make sense by allowing the hammerhead to close.

Broadsides are kind of slow to be aggressive although. They can only really move with slow and purposeful, which makes them still more aggressive.

Sniper drone teams still static while not having one it can be helpful and are it. Their tactics are not aggressive they are more of a stealth unit that stays out of the way.

Skyray while not that competitive in game it is aggressive if given multi-tracker moving while lighting up targets on the move. Burst cannons may make it an aggressive move forward focus
the angry fire on the enemy for tau致a.
Sample army list


1.Shas'el missile pod plasma rifle targeting array hardwired multi-tracker 97

1. 12x fire warriors pulse rifles shas'ui bonding knife 135
Devilfish multi-tracker disruption pods 95
total 230

2. 12x fire warriors pulse rifles shas'ui bonding knife 135

Fast attack

1.piranha fusion blaster targeting array disruption pods 75

2. 6x pathfinders 72
Devilfish multi-tracker disruption pods 95
total 167

Heavy support

1.hammerhead railgun burst cannons multi-tracker disruption pod 165

2. hammerhead ion cannon burst cannons multi-tracker disruption pod 130

It does have some variance but still can be effective. I run this and have liked playing with it.

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Default Re: How to Represent a Vior'la Army


Traditional Mech Tau doctrine, more or less?
Originally Posted by Odo The Brave
Crazy Guy, you are very disturbing...

Do It! ;D
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Default Re: How to Represent a Vior'la Army

Yes basically. I can also see them having a few hybrid cadres but they would be rare. It really is exiting to play and I have fun on how to take objectives. The one weakness of vior'la play is meltaguns. Ionheads are also useful for a viior'la playstyle.
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