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Tau Suit Advanced Tactica
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Default Tau Suit Advanced Tactica

Tau Suit Advanced Tactica

As we all know, the main basis behind the Tau army lies in the Crisis Suits. This tactica takes a look at the Crisis, Stealth, and Broadside application into combat in this day and age. A lot of it will be basic information, but others will highlight more advanced tactics that we don't normally use and will hopefully allow us to further the Greater Good. As such, lets start off with the Stealth Suits.

Stealth Suits

Taking up an elite slot, the Stealth team is great for horde control and from an outflanking maneuver, a psychological devastating weapon. Now, with that being said, the Fusion Blaster is part of that reason, able to rip apart nearly any vehicle with its Melta designation. Unfortunately, this also exposes them to be easily spotted and shot down in retaliation. What instead can be proposed is this, maximize the effectiveness of the Suits by giving the Team Leader a Fusion Blaster. Now, on its own this isn't worth doing, as it becomes a one shot wonder. However, give the Suit a Hard-Wired Target Lock, and suddenly you've given your enemy something to worry about. While the rest of Stealth Team is attacking someone and hitting them hard, the Lead is busy destroying a valuable vehicle that the enemy is relying on.

What ends up happening as a result is not one but two weapons are now heavily damaged, or even better, destroyed as a result. Even if the target of the Stealth Team is not destroyed, odds are they'll be close enough to assault if they're weak enough or far enough to fall back. The Team Lead will have done his job and left a hole to work with.

Crisis Suits

The mainstay of the Tau force. No good Commander runs without them. Their customization is nothing to laugh at as we are familiar with. Now this isn't the place for the basics, as everyone has heard and chosen their preferences by now. Instead, lets go over the less than usual scenarios of combat. First off, the Team Lead. Because of their customization, they can be outfitted a number of ways to do damage. An example I'll use here is the Deathrain itself. The most beneficial, and highly underused pieces of equipment for the lead are the Hard-wired Blacksun Filters and the Target Locks. Now, Blacksun Filters obviously can only be used in one round, but that one round could take out a transport of some sort that normally couldn't be spotted. The other is the Target Lock. With 6 Missiles coming out a turn if they stay alive, a mechanized force can overrun them. By equipping the Target Lock, there's a better chance of taking out two targets of immediate importance. This is an example of what can be done with Deathrain. This sort of tactic can be applied to other Crisis suit configurations as well, hiding nasty surprises inside the team and playing a game of psychology with your opponent. Which brings me to my next point.

Assault. I know it is a forbidden word, but when you break it down, our Crisis Suits are essentially Necrons with WS 2, Str 5, and 2 Wounds. What this means is that even though we're not meant to, our Suits can do decently against Squads in Assault. Against normal units that would normally charge us, we are hitting on 4s, wounding on 3s. Everyone else is in reverse with most of them being Str 4. Some armies like Eldar will be Str 3, making it harder. Even though we're not meant to engage in assault, we have the stats to do decently. Our main avoidance are of course Orks, most Tyranids, and anything with power in it. However, we can deal effective damage with a followup assault and therefore mess with our opponent's heads. They will not expect it, and will give them something to be feared for aside from our shooting prowess.

Broadside Suits

And now, the finale of it all. Our Anti-tank Suit. Normally, we have two options to set it up as, a mobile turret or an accurate one, not withstanding Markerlights. Now, with out Targeting Array equipped Railgun death machine, we will hit home on most of our shots. Now then, just like with the Crisis and Stealth Team Leads, slap on the Target Lock. All of a sudden, you're giving your opponents something to worry about. Instead of say....2 Tanks a turn, they're now losing 4 Tanks a turn. All from two squads of Broadsides. The psychological impact this will have on your opponents is far more devastating than any Stealth Team or Crisis Suit will bring. The other recommended piece of wargear is the multi-tracker. Dealing with Infantry is not something Broadsides should do unless in emergencies, but firing both Railgun and SMS/Plasma Rifle can do some damage control and thin out the numbers. The A.S.S. turning you into a mobile turret combined with the Multi-tracker is also effective, which brings me to my next point.

Assault again. Broadsides with their heavy weapons, can't normally assault, unless the A.S.S. is in use. Of course, Broadsides should never, unless you have no option, engage in assault. But when they do, their survivability is even better than the Crisis, with their 2+ saved, outmatched only by a Suit with Iridium and Stim. Injectors.

With that, I hope you all take something away from this. Our ability with firepower is not to outshoot our opponent, but to control them with our technology. The fact our teams are able to shoot at multiple squads at once or combine to fire at one is an asset that we should look at more. For the Guard, it may very well be needed, maximizing every shot for their usefulness. I hope this also inspires others to better configure our suits into terrors capable of excelling at multiple jobs at once, or even just excel at damage control.
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Default Re: Tau Suit Advanced Tactica

Something that maybe should be noted on stealthsuits, is that adding 6 gun drones, 2 marker drones, or 6 targeting arrays on a 6 suit team all increase both cost and firepower by 33%. However, on a 5 suit or smaller team, the gun drone option is the most efficient. Other than that, good write up.
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Default Re: Tau Suit Advanced Tactica

I'm not big on marker drones. 60 points for one markerlight hit is a bad deal no matter how you look at it.

That being said, the reason I don't use fusions on my stealth suits is because they're deceptively effective without it, against most vehicles. Pulse is a 'just right' brand of evil when it comes to taking out AV10, and stealths are great at getting to that facing in the first place.

I mean, you DID take those broadsides or helios for a reason, why waste them on chimeras if there's lemans on the table?

Stealth Suit shot efficiency is EXACTLY the same with or without a targetting array. One pulse shot per ten points, just the same as a warrior (jetpack and stealth generator make up for the range and doubletap I'd hope). The Gun Drones are actually a more efficient upgrade for that reason, since they're 10% more accurate (55% to the suit's 50%). Plus the drones make ablative wounds.
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Default Re: Tau Suit Advanced Tactica

pretty good tactica, although i disagree with

Originally Posted by Wild

Crisis Suits

The mainstay of the Tau force.
I always think that your fire warriors are the back bone of your force, you cant play without them. Ive played without crisis suits numerous times

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Default Re: Tau Suit Advanced Tactica

"The Tau are a very stylish and powerful army with many specialized troops at their disposal. Their main strength and appeal lies in the different types of battlesuit equipped warriors.These highly mobile warriors are hardened veterans and their battlesuits are capable of mounting a fearsome array of firepower." -Tau Codex, Page 2

Originally Posted by fattyboy5
I always think that your fire warriors are the back bone of your force, you cant play without them. Ive played without crisis suits numerous times
I honestly hate the idea of a Static troop choice in 5th. Fire Warriors are exactly that. Equipping them with a Devilfish makes them mobile, yes, but at such a high cost it's a tough sell. In my lists I run a 6 man Fire Warrior squad to meet the 1+ Requirement, and past that I run as many Battlesuits and Kroot units can I can fit. In the fluff, it states that the Kroot are the reason the Tau are able to mount full-scale engagements, as they fill out the battle line.
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Default Re: Tau Suit Advanced Tactica

a firewarrior squad, with a devilfish and a disruption pod is either equal in points or 5 points above a spacemarine squad in a rhino.
you have 2 more dudes
you have str 5 guns (that might be 18'' assault"
for 15 more points you can give them a leadership bump and a regroup under 25%
you have a transport that's better armored than a rhino
you have a transport with better weaponry than a rhino
you have a transport that gets a cover save of 4+ at all times beyond 12''
you have a transport that practically ignores terrain

the only things you really lose are 1 BS and 1 Sv (and maybe 1 Ld don't have SM codex handy atm) and an assault weapon (since you're trying to avoid heavy weapons keeping your squad in one place)
this unit isn't pricey and is only static if you play them static

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Default Re: Tau Suit Advanced Tactica

That is true fire warriors by them selves do not look good but are better when used in conjunction with your army. You also get two gun drones.

I have played with one crisis suit but
I require a lot of slots for vehicles to replace them at low point games. I have had my commanders beat chaos havocs that charged me in assault. They do get murdered by anything rending or that has a power weapon.
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Default Re: Tau Suit Advanced Tactica

I max out my Elite choice every time I play A game over 1500pts. I never leave home without full squads of battle suits. They're too useful not to take.

And as for all the ways you've described of putting together units, I'd have to agree for most of them. Though I don't like the Deathrain configuration very much, only because it's rather limiting to light armour destruction and light armoured troops, the idea of giving it a BSF is useful. Also, taking Targeting arrays on units that you give Twin Linked weapons is always fun as it really increases your chances of hitting what you want.

With Broadsides, I don't like taking the TL Plasma gun on a unit that isn't maxed out. And if I take it, it's only on the Team Leader so he can take a Hard-wired Target lock.

Otherwise I agree with most of what's put up here. Especially about surprise Assaults. I do that with my Shas'o (SG, IA and SI to make him survive awesomely) when he's ran out of tanks to shoot. Good stuff.
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Default Re: Tau Suit Advanced Tactica

I dont think fire warriors are for a static list at all. My list is very mobile, all you have to do is use the rapid fire mechanic, and devilfish. Hell, if your using carbines, you dont need a transport at all.

In the end, if you cant rely on your troops, what can you rely on?

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Default Re: Tau Suit Advanced Tactica

Wow, thanks for the Broadside tactica. I'll incorporate into my army immediately.

Now I haven't played yet, so I don't know how well it works, but if you give your Broadside team leader a HW drone controller with two shield drones, that gives you 2 buffer Wounds that have a 2+ save.
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