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Just a little theory
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Default Just a little theory

I have a theory about Tau evolution. I disagree with the way people call them fish-people. though i can see it comes from their fishy type names for their vehicles, namely Devilfish.

Now my theory is pretty obvious, and I've been loath to state it becuase i thought that people would just shrug and say "duh!" but i decided to say it anyway.

Majonga's Tau Evolution Theory

So let's look at Humanity for a quick comparison. I'm no biologist so excuse the unprofessional viewpoint here. It is widely assumed by many that Human beings evolved from monkeys. Since we share a very close strand of DNA and have opposable thumbs etc. Monkey's live in jungle areas, and there are theories about Human's affinity with Trees and whatnot spreading back to then. Once again I'm not an expert so i can't back these up or fully explain them, but they form the basis of the my theory.

Now firstly, Tau as a planet is dominated by open Plains. It's stated that this is where Tau culture began, and that has me thinking that the Tau are from plains areas. By that i mean they evolved from a plains living creature.

To back this up is a simple fact, all Tau have hooves, regardless of caste. So take the fact that Humans evolved from monkey's so we have opposable thumbs. The Tau evolved from... some form of antelope (I would take this moment to point out it could also be any kind of Cow, Bison, Wildebeast, Giraffe etc. I chose antelope because they are quite small and thinner more like the Tau body size). therefore they have hooves. If you notice their hands have 3 hooved type fingers, which would suggest that they might have walked on 4 legs to begin with, then the front two hooves spread to become fingers. It's even possible that the Tau will continue to evolve more fingers to match that of Humans.

So basically my theory is that Tau evolved from some sort of antelope native to the planet Tau. though it is solely based on 2 facts
1. Tau have hooves in the same way as we have hands and feet, which we inherited from monkey's, they inherited from antelope.
2. Tau is plains planet, so there are few trees, meaning that the presence of monkey like creature is unlikely, therefore they would have evolved from a plains type creature, namely antelope.

I was just putting this theory out there, see what people think. In my mind it's glaringly obvious, but i've never seen anyone suggest it.
Originally Posted by Fish Ead
Many Bothans died to bring this thread back on topic
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Default Re: Just a little theory

I would say it's the other way around. I mean, take the dinosaurs, they didn't evolve hooves...

The hoof evolves from a creature having to walk over rough terrain that it doesn't need to grip onto. Now plains aren't really that rough a terrain. So they probally originally had paws like a lion or tiger, as they evolved bipedalism then perhaps overtime running became important, and with that the need for claws became not required, and eventually became hooves.

But who is to say they had claws to begin with? Nothing! Well, not nothing.

IF we assume that multicelular life evolved in T'au shallow seas, then those 'fish' would have had fins, for the first 'fish out of water' fins would be the only way to move about. Just like the dinosaurs. Hence you would likely have something that resembled a dinosaur claw. Indeed, Tau have scales, and it is quite possible that they are the 'dinosaurs' that evolved. They became bipedal hunters, that were well adapted (like meercats) to working together, and by standing upright they could see futher to the horizon and over the bush.

In doing so, eventually they didn't need claw feet, and they gained hooves. The hand claws evolved into manipulative appendages, and well, the rest you could say, is the history of human evolution...

Without ice ages, they got very good at civilisation very quick. A solid landmass allowed Tau to traverse T'au very quickly, and ideas were not separated by continents as they were on Earth. Hence maybe cutting 5000 years of Tau evolution of civilisation.

The thin agile mountain Tau, merged with the omnivorous hunter Tau of the plains, and those Fio and Por who created Tau civilisation became the weaver of the whole racial system and Tau civilisation.

At least that's how I see it...

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