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Thinking of Unshelving my Tau
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Default Thinking of Unshelving my Tau

Well... It's been quite a while since I've played a game of 40k. Since 5th edition came out I've only played my Tyranids since I kept up with their changes.

However, I've taken recent interest again in my Mech Tau list, and I'm wondering what other people's experiences with similar lists are and if it's worth it it finish painting them. I'm curious how Mech lists hold up against the 5th edition rules and whether it's still competitive or not.

Feel free to comment on my list as well. I'm sure it's kinda dated but that's the only one I had lying around. :-\
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Default Re: Thinking of Unshelving my Tau

things like FoF are a little riskier now; skimmers, though the tau and eldar ones haven't lost their high costs yet, are nowhere near as survivable as they used to be, especially in close combat (where S4 now blows up most tanks in the game).

If you keep out of melee however its not so bad; especially given what the d.pod now gives (though we can expect the thing to bump to 20 points if not be removed entirely given what it now does, since its, you know, useful and all, and that just won't be acceptable to gw). TLOS means things can be shot or shoot back more easily, which is mostly neutral: Its a lot harder to hide from the broadsides, but its a lot easier to get a shot on your hammerheads. LOS-blocking (not "this is two trees on a small hill base") terrain is now our friend because otherwise JSJ's in trouble.
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