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Independant Character in Close Combat
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Default Independant Character in Close Combat

I need a bit of clarification about an IC in CC!

Last night I had my commander with two shield drones attached to a squad of two more suits.

The squad had the mis-fortune of being charged by some nasty Necron creatures, can't remember what they were.

In CC I am fairly sure that you have to allocate which troops are attacking the IC and which are attacking the other suits.

My question is can I allocate hits on my ordinary suits to the drones?

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Default Re: Independant Character in Close Combat

Hmm, I understand it so that if your IC joins a unit and then gets into close combat, the enemy has to declare who gets hit before resolving the combat. If the enemy chooses the IC, you can allocate the Wounds only to the IC's Drones, not to those of the unit he is with.

I am not too sure about the unit as a whole being targetted in close combat and Wounds allocation. I have always assumed that the IC is a part of the unit and unless targetted separately, he can soak up Wounds.
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Default Re: Independant Character in Close Combat

I don't think he can. The way wound allocation works in close combat is like this...

ICs count as a second unit in close combat with whomever they join. Because of this, they must: A) be in base-base contact with the unit that the squad they've joined are in - and - B) have attacks chosen to be directed at them. Now drones make it a little tricky, as they count more as an "Independent Unit" (A term, that I find the best way to describe an 'O/'El with Drones, following all the IC rules as normal for the 'O/'El, but counting as a squad for CC with the drones). And so any attacks made against the 'O/'El can have it's wounds allocated to the drones. But any attacks made against the squad he's joined can only be allocated to those models.

The only exception for this in CC is if some how the unit becomes fearless and must take saves for loosing combat. Then it counts as wounds from shooting and any one can take them.
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Default Re: Independant Character in Close Combat

It's an interesting one - and Tau work slightly differently (just to make matters even more confusing!).

Commander and Drones. - The Commander (and his Drones) operate as a separate unit in CC. So any wounds inflicted on the Commander (and Drones) can be allocated between these models as the defending player see fit.

Commander and Drones attached to a unit. - Again the Commander and Drones form a separate unit for CC purposes, so they are separate from the unit they are attached too. In CC only models that are in base to base contact with the Commander (or his Drones) or are within 2 Inches of a Model in BTB with the Commander (and Drones) may fight/allocate attacks against him. Any Wounds caused may be allocated between the Commander and Drones - but can NOT be allocated to the unit he is with. The IC fights as a separate unit. (In 5th edition he will normally get into CC though, as even if the enemy does not engage him the Commander must Countercharge before any other Models in both units).

So a Commander and 2 Shield Drones, attached to a unit of 10 Kroot are attacked by 10 Space Marines, 2 Marines end up in BTB with your Commander and his Drones, and 2 others are within 2 Inches of these models. The other 6 Marines are in CC with your Kroot. - So 4 Marines can allocate attacks on your Commander (and his Drones) and 6 can attack your Kroot.

Commander, Drones and a Retinue - This works differently again, Tau can buy two different types of Retinue. XV8 Commanders can buy Bodyguards, Ethereals can buy a Fire Warrior Honour Guard. - When attached to these units following the Retinue Rules in the BOB the Commanders/Ethereals lose there IC status and become upgrade characters within the unit. So, a Commander with 2 Shield Drones and 2 Bodyguards fights CC as part of that unit, and any wounds caused could be allocated between these models as the defending player sees fit. A Character with Retinue can not be singled out (the CC is resolved exactly as if the Commander is a normal vet/Sergeant etc).

So Commander and Drones fight as a separate unit in CC (with all associated rules on engaging, attacking, and wound allocation). Unless they are part of a retinue, in which case they cannot be singled out and the unit fights as a whole.

Hope that helps
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Default Re: Independant Character in Close Combat

Gonefishing is correct, and very well said.
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